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10 personality traits about people who like gold

October 28, 2020 1 Comment

Gold princess

Studies have shown that your favorite color reveals certain traits about your personality.  

Colors do speak louder than words as psychologists will tell you that your favorite color will explain a lot about your mental, physical and emotional persona. 

We adore certain colors because it also reflects our emotional state.  Interesting enough, colors exhibit healing powers because it has a direct impact on our mind.  

So what does your favorite color say about you? Is your color black, blue, green or gold.... ?

Basic Meaning Of Gold

What comes to mind when you think about the color gold?

Typically it is the symbol of wealth and class.  Someone who is confident...bordering arrogant and egotistical.  (No wonder Donald Trump loves gold so much)   

Gold is the ultimate color to symbolize wealth, extravagance and luxury.  Often times it is linked to divinity as it has much importance in Christianity as well as Buddhism. 

But don't take this as a negative way, it shares similarities with the color white, showing purity and the light of day.  It represents royalty. 


Universally, gold is associated with money and prestige which automatically links to success and winning. 

Just like winning the "olympic gold medal".

This eye-catching and excitingly vivid color symbolizes wealth, success and royalty. Gold people are winners, confident, charismatic and compassionate.

Here are the top 10 traits of people who like the color gold:

              1. You are a loving, giving person and generally very warm. You have a certain charisma that draws people to you.  You do love attention and being around people, but also are great listeners. You appreciate the ones close by to you and treat them with respect.
              2. You are a very optimistic person. And because of your positivity, it draws people towards you.  You are usually someone other aspires to be and fill others with confidence.
              3. Natural leader.  You are wise and knowledgable and enjoy sharing information with those around you.  
              4. You enjoy higher quality of life and comfort which your success provides you access to the luxuries of life. 
              5. With gold as your favorite color you appreciate life completely. You tend to have an optimistic attitude in life and dealings. You are not one to passively sit back and wait for things to happen. You take things in your own hands and must be an active participant.
              6. You are very selective and discriminating when it comes to choosing your other half.  Quality is important in your life, and marriage is top of the top as it means the rest of your life.
              7. However, the downside of gold personalities is your passion and enthusiasm.  Your passion and enthusiasm is your success, but it also may take a toll on you emotionally, as it may bring your stress, anxiety and sometimes overwhelmed.
              8. Be careful not to live on the negative side of gold.  If you do, you may find it difficult to trust others and may fear others surpass you in success and wealth. 
              9. Don't chase fool's gold, which means don't have unrealistic expectations either.  It's ok to shoot for the moon and miss.  But also find happiness in where you are and what you have achieved in life.  Be thankful of what you have. 
              10. You are confident, but don't be overconfident with a superiority attitude. On the flip side of this gold coin, some may become conceited with an inflated sense of self-worth.

Gold is a very strong characteristic.  Think of it as a "power stone", the person who holds this power can do a lot of good if they choose. But if they choose to go the other way, they can also create havoc as well.

The gold personality type are usually organized, enjoys planning, punctual and decision making. Below is a table that includes some of the jobs that may be a good fit for Gold personality types.

Job Title Median Salary (2018)* Job Growth (2018-2028)*
Top Executives $104,980 6%
Natural Sciences Managers $123,860 6%
Secretaries and Administrative Assistants $36,630 (excluding legal, medical and executive secretaries and administrative assistants) -7% (excluding legal, medical and executive)
Logisticians $74,600 5%
Personal Finance Advisors $88,890 7%
Construction Managers $93,370 10%

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Gold personalities usually are good businessmen, politicians, real estate developers, celebrities, and finance related backgrounds.

If you dislike gold...

Money, wealth, status and success are just not important to you.  You are probably more practical and down to earth with no desire for materialism.  Deep down, there maybe a hint of fear towards, wealth money and success.  

Not to worry, you probably fit another color personality type.

If you're curious about what color personality fits you, you can look at the other colors in our blog.

It's healthy to discover and understand yourself better.  


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