Thin Marble Slab


90% Thinner than traditional stone slabs, our MIKOLITE natural stone slabs allow you to utilize marble never before and create luxurious designs in a wide range of applications from walls, to cabinets, to large scale fireplace surrounds. Through our cutting-edge technology, the natural stone is not only thinner, it's also more resilient than traditional slabs and easier/faster to install.  

Marble Coffee Table

Five times faster than Tiles

Install these 1.2 x 2.4 meter slabs directly on existing walls. MIKOLITE wall panels can be installed on various types of existing walls, as well as directly on steel or wooden studs. These are essentially the same as your traditional stone slabs.  The difference is because it's thinner and stronger, it makes the installation so much easier. And for renovation jobs, you don't need to do the demolition work like you do to install traditional 2cm slabs! The panels are also perfect for installing just in your shower/bathtub area, it cannot get easier!

Beyond the Surface

MIKOL began with a quest: To promote a greener building material option in the natural stone industry. And to also break through certain traditional barriers that natural stones carried for a long time.  This way designers from all fields can make the boldest visions come to life.
Originating from the Bay Area, MIKOL has soaked up the silicon valley methodology and implemented into the building industry.  
When we first introduced the MIKOLITE line to the stone industry, people were mind blown how thin and durable the marble slabs were.  Industry veterans questioned whether it was really stone or a man made product.   We gained a lot of attention, but it never translated into much sales.    
What our team discovered was that the barrier for stone companies was the education process which led to price.  MIKOLITE is more expensive when compared to medium range stones, but the cost savings is in the overall project.  Think of it as a Tesla automobile. You help with the environment, enjoy lower maintenance and gas cost, but it's priced higher than your average cars.  Now take out the Tesla brand and then try to sell the car.  
So in 2015, we created MIKOL, the world's first real marble lifestyle accessory brand. Through our failed experiences, we decided to raise awareness directly with consumers through well designed everyday products with marble.  The first product that we came out was the real marble iPhone case.

Why The iPhone Case?

There were several factors that went into this decision.  The main one was that everyone had a mobile phone, and if we can demonstrate that something you carry with you everyday is lightweight, beautiful and durable, then the word will spread. Second,  Apple users could afford a premium iPhone case made out of real marble. 

With the success of the marble iPhone case, it led to the development of notebooks, wireless chargers, business cards and many more items.  

Even though the brand only started in 2015, the MIKOL team has over 40 years experience. 

The Future of Natural Stone 

MIKOLITE slabs are light-weight, reinforced natural stone slabs at the thickness of 2 credit cards. When installed, our stone presents the exact surface aesthetic as traditional 2cm/3cm stone slabs while preserving 90%-93% of this precious natural resource. MIKOL carefully selects the highest quality marble, onyx, granite, travertine, limestone  and terrazzo selections from around the world. Most MIKOLITE slabs can be book-matched from an identical slab to provide a unique symmetrical design. Each MIKOLITE slab is only 1lb per square foot, which allows for easier handling, faster installation and safer work environment compared to traditional solid 2cm stone with the same ability to miter and polish. Most installers are able to fabricate on site, thus saving time, resources, and money for themselves and clients. MIKOLITE can be used for shower/tub surrounds, fireplaces, wine cellars, bar tops/fronts, elevators, luxury RV's and boats, ceilings, lobbies, and much more!

Modern marble Marble is never out of style.


MIKOLITE Collection

Emperador light     Carrara White     Nero Marquina     Crema Marfil     Glacier White

MIKOLITE Traditional Stone Ceramic
THICKNESS 2mm 20mm 8 - 15mm
WEIGHT 2.8kg/m2 48kg/m2 25kg/m2
MAX SIZE 1200 x 2440mm 1200x2400mm 900x1200mm
STABILITY High Intensity, Strong, Durable, Flexible Very Fragile Very Fragile
TRANSPORTATION Lightweight (save $ on freight & Installation)
More Durable
Easily broken
Easily broken
Low Labor Costs
Fast Installation
Uses More Grout
Higher Labor Costs
Uses More Grout
Higher Labor Costs


Material Weight

One MIKOLITE Thin Panel weighs approximately 1lb per square foot compared to 12lbs per square foot for a traditional 2CM slab.

The lightweight panels allow for more convenient packaging, transportation and installation.

Greener Building Material

MIKOLITE Panels provide a more sustainable material solution by:

  • Reducing water & energy consumption
  • Reducing the amount of raw material waste during production
  • Less packaging for materials
  • Reduced transportation costs

100% Natural Surfacing

Yes! It is 100% natural stone.  It's exactly the same as traditional marble slabs.
The only difference is we use higher quality resin and processing techniques to make the marble slabs more durable. 
And of course, it's drastically thinner than traditional slabs!

Construction  Installation Guide

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