About Us

"Take a Piece Of The World With You"
San Francisco
This is where we call home and where most of our inspiration comes from.
San Francisco is a place where Earth's natural beauty merges with modern designs complimenting each other in creating that perfect harmonious blend.

Who We Are
We love what we do, and we love sharing and finding the same group of people that share our interest.  We started as a manufacturer, building other people's designs.  What frustrated us is that designers would create a stunning product, but then be redesigned by the customer due to budget constraints.  Design is all about the details, and changing a few "minor details" can alter the entire product feel or look.  Therefore, instead of trying to convince the customers not to limit the budget, we've decided to design and produce ourselves and not let cost be the primary concern.  Our priority is set on the perfect design and production of the product!  This is how MIKOL was born.  If you are reading this, there's a high possibility that Us & You will get along. 




We are the kind of people you find at a coffee shop with MacBooks open and drawings spread across the table, discussing trips and adventures we have recently embarked on or plan to embark on.

Design is essential for a luxury fashion accessory company.  And some of our greatest creative moments stems from happiness.



Here at MIKOL, we are proud to have a strong lasting relationship with our factory workshop and cause we have to since it's part of our company. =)

What really makes MIKOL different is that we aren't just a design firm. We also operate our own workshop, so every product is very hands on.



Mikol people


MIKOL's greatest joy is seeing others enjoy and share the products we've designed and produced. 

The products we create is for a unique crowd that wants something different. Our focus is on a lasting impression for each individual.



  This is what we look for when creating our products as well. The greatest design of a product is intangible until a person brings it to life.  


Our Story
Many may ask why marble? Marble has long been a material that exemplifies class, respect, and luxury. However, given its immense weight and the complex, fragile process of cutting the material, marble has primarily been a premium material used exclusively in the furniture and construction industries.

We here at MIKOL have refined an efficient method to utilize marble and finally be able to accessorize our most practical essentials in daily life. With this technology, we have decided to begin our journey into the accessory and fashion.  We love a good story, and each piece of marble comes with a rich history dating back centuries allowing our customers to "take a piece of the world" and bring that story with them as they go.