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 Japan Architecture

This wasn't our first trip to Japan. We thoroughly enjoy Japanese culture, design, and philosophy.  Our team decided to do a company retreat in the far south of the islands of Japan called Kagoshima.  It's essential to gain outside perspective and appreciate other designs to gain inspiration.  

Japanese design has a minimalist feel, but at the same time carries a complexity that can be experienced through their work.  The details and attention is not only in the production but throughout their design process as well.

Zen garden 

There is so much meaning behind each creation, for example, a simple hallway carries serenity and balance with earth and water or how sunlight is purposely positioned to shine in only through a portion of the room, yet enough to fill an entire space without it becoming overwhelming.  If you look at most Japanese architecture, there is always a sense of perfection along with tranquility that it brings.  A modern design is well thought and placed harmoniously in its natural environment surrounded by forest and sea.

Japanese Architecture

As our journey continues, we noticed temples all around.  Japanese has a strong Shinto and Buddhism influence.  In Buddhism, their teaching is about the balance of life.  And only through this balance will there be harmony. Shinto can be characterized as holding optimism throughout life. You see the importance of this philosophy in many areas of Japanese lifestyle as well as design.  Many of the architectural designs such as the one below are always very symmetrical.  Or having one spiritual animal balance out another.  


We had a great appreciation for Japanese design, and still so much to learn from such a detailed culture.  What we took away from the trip was mainly their zen philosophy.  We want to create a collection that incorporates the minimalist approach, fashionable and most importantly bringing that tranquil feel that Japanese designs bring to us.

Mala Zen Bead Bracelet 

Healthy Workout

In these dreary winter months, many of us look for ways to maintain and improve our health, whether mental or physical, via exercise, better nutrition, or perhaps even meditation, reiki, or homeopathy. If you have been trying alternative methods, perhaps the mystique surrounding the healing powers of crystals will appeal to you!

As it is February, let’s talk about February’s birthstone, Amethyst, which has long been held to be one of the most powerful mystical crystals for health.


The history of the belief surrounding amethyst’s healing powers is long and fascinating, dating back to Ancient Greece when it was believed that the stone provided mental clarity. In the Christian tradition, the stone is known as the “Bishop’s Stone” as it would be part of a bishop’s ring, the royal purple color symbolizing Christ. Legend has it that Staint Valentine himself wore a ring with an Amethyst carved with an image of Cupid.

 Love lights

The name amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word amethustos, which means “not intoxicated”. In Greek mythology, amethyst was originally rock crystal that had been dyed purple by the tears of Dionysus, god of wine and revelry. People believed that if they were to drink from a cup made of amethyst, they would not get drunk. In Ancient Egypt, the stone represented the zodiac sign of the goat, which was considered the enemy of vines and vineyards; thus, amethyst came to be seen as an antidote to wine and alcohol. In the Chinese Feng Shui, the stone enhances the “wealth corner”, and so improves material wealth. In Greco-Roman times, amethyst rings were worn as charms against evil.

 Amethyst Crystal

Throughout history, amethyst has been thought to lessen evil thoughts, improve intelligence, increase business acumen, help warriors to victory, help hunters in their search for prey, protect the wearer from contagious disease, and scare off demons if the stone was carved with the figure of a bear. The stone was thought to bring forth man’s better nature, encouraging serenity, courage, and contemplation.


Amethyst is often referred to as “nature’s tranquilizer”, calming and soothing the wearer. It is thought to help relieve obsessive-compulsive disorder as well as hyperactivity in children and animals, as well as helping lessen homesickness, fear of the dark, and recurrent nightmares.

It has long been thought to be an excellent remedy for many ailments; centuries ago, an amethyst stone would be moistened with saliva and rubbed on the face to get rid of acne and rough skin. In Chinese medicine, it is prescribed for stomach pains and nightmares. The stone itself is supposed to help the body rid itself of toxins and clear the mind, strengthen the immune system and release tension, the closer to the affected site the better. For instance, wearing amethyst earrings might help with headache symptoms, while an amethyst phone case might aid memory.


Amethysts would be recommended to people under a lot of stress, prone to melancholia or depression, or battling addiction; the stone is often believed to work as a talisman to provide inner strength when one is fighting dependency.

 Amethyst Bracelet

Amethyst is as popular today as it was two thousand years ago, whether simply for its beauty or for its healing powers. The stone’s virtues are far-ranging and include beauty, peace, fulfillment, humility, sincerity, spiritual balance, serenity and wisdom.



Writing a diary

We currently live in a technological era where a majority of us are dependent on our smartphones, iPads, laptops or even smart watches.  Most of our thoughts/notes are recorded digitally.  Take a moment and think about when the last time you took notes by hand...aside from your own signature?  

There have been many types of research about how our brain benefits from handwriting.

We have compiled a short list for you:

1. Stress Relief

Writing really has magical powers! We learn better and faster by writing things down in our notebook rather than typing it out.  For stress relief, simply writing a sentence like "I will feel more peaceful" twenty times a day may, in fact, have a subconscious impact in people, particularly ones with attention deficit disorder.  It rewires the brain and calms the individual.

2. Handwriting will boost efficiency

Admit it! All of us are easily distracted now with social media amongst other things! We are constantly checking our computers, iPhones, podcast, etc looking at cats, funny Trump memes and so on. In all honesty...these are very useless activities which I am also guilty of.  

But don't worry, it's not all bad if it is done in moderations! A quick browse of BuzzFeed or Tumblr may even boost your productivity at work!  We all procrastinate a bit, and once you are finished with crazy cat videos, get back to your startup idea and try it with a pen and paper this time! You will appreciate the lack of distraction that we often times get tied up with. Plus, it's good to do something different....but that's for another article.

3. Exercising Your Brain’s Hemispheres

Practicing cursive in your journal can really help kickstart your brain again.  By doing so, you are coordinating the brain's hemispheres.  It's like working out your muscles so it'll strengthen and grow.  The same goes with your brain which you can learn more how to "exercise it" as it varies from person to person.

4. Handwriting Enhances Learning Abilities

Jotting down notes in your journal is one of the best ways to study and acquire new knowledge. The reason is that writing by hand stimulates a part of the brain called the RAS, or the Reticular Activating System. RAS prioritizes what requires immediate focus and filters others out.  Writing activates your RAS to process knowledge into your memory. Studies have shown children's brains were stimulated much more when asked to write down words in their notebooks rather than simply focusing on them.  To learn more about the science of keeping a journal can make you mentally stronger, you can refer to more details here.

5. Handwriting boosts memory

When I was in college, half the class used their laptops for note taking.  That percentage has drastically improved since then.  I admit it's much faster to take notes on your laptop or even notes in your iPhone.  In reality, we retain a lot more information in our brain when we used the traditional note-taking methods in our notebooks. According to many psychologists, it is evident in both children and adults that taking notes does enhance memory.

6. Sharpen your aging mind with handwriting

“Writing by hand helps keep the mind dexterous and assists in solidifying memories,” says Kelsey Poe, Director of Marketing & Sales at CMP

Baby boomers who want to stay sharp as they age can practice writing exercises. We've talked about the benefits of keeping a handwritten notebook journal can really aide aging minds and boost memories.”

7. Handwriting vs. typing in terms of Brain stimulation

Handwriting is a clear winner when it comes to brain stimulation. We make use of the brain much more in writing than typing, just like comparing watching television and reading a book.

Because there is an action/movement when writing, so our brain's motor cortex is largely stimulated.  Whereas typing/texting does not have the same effect. 

Bringing back this old habit may be difficult to many, but start with the right mindset. Plan to write a page or two twice a week and slowly increase the writing to where it becomes a comfortable habit.

Real Marble Notebook Journal

Valentine's day is right around the corner! Have you prepared that special someone an unforgettable gift? Below are a few items we believe will make great gifts for her. 

Bottega Veneta1. Document Case in China Red Intrecciato Nappa Leather, Crocodile Details by Bottega Veneta

This document case is especially made just for Valentine's Day (hence the hearts)! This document case 15cm by 24.5 cm and designed for carrying daily essentials. This leather case can also act as a clutch and is on the market for $910.

2. Echo Dot by Amazon 

The Echo Dot is a useful device in many ways with voice controlled function allowing you to make your command handsfree. It links to your home functions allowing you to control your surroundings by simply speaking to 'Alexa'. Get this efficient gift today at a price of $49.99


3. Fitbit Alta

The Fitbit Alta is ideal for women. Its design is intended for slender wrists and it allows you to change the wristbands to suit different occasions. It is made to be stylish like a piece of jewelry while still functioning as your health tracker. It is priced at $129.95.

4. S'well water bottles

S'well water bottles have revolutionized reusable bottles. These well designed bottles are able to store cold liquids for 24 hours and hot liquids for 12 hours. These are great for many occasions whether its a beach day or a long hike or camping out, these bottles will store your drink at the perfect temperature you desire. The hearted edition is priced at $45.

5. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

Hydrating mist is necessary for restoring and hydrating your skin. This rosewater balancing mist is meant for all skin types. A bottle is priced at $35.

6. Rosso Verona Marble iPhone case by MIKOL 

Nothing says 'I love you' better than a personalized engraved case made with real marble stone. Each case is handcrafted to ensure top quality design. Pricing starts at $99.

7. Bamboo Eau de Parfum by Gucci

Beautiful packaging will win her eyes over but its the elegant fragrance that will win her heart. It is priced at $94.


8. Strawberry Bath & Body Medium Gift

This lovely gift set contains a strawberry shower gel, strawberry body butter, strawberry body polish, strawberry body mist, and a strawberry hand cream. It's the perfect gift set containing everything you need. Valued at $39 instead of $45 just for Valentine's day.

9. Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser by Muji

This aroma diffuser by Muji is small and practical. Choosing the right scented oils can help relax you in your home. It also has timer in 4 different sets so you can fall asleep without worrying about turning it off. It's great for smaller rooms such as your bedroom, bathroom or even office conference room! It is valued at $69.50 

10. The classic Roses & Chocolates combo

This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday. A great surprise for her may be to have roses, chocolates and a teddy bear combo delivered to her workplace! Or even a surprise when she returns home from a long day of work. You can't go wrong with this classic combination that truly says "I love you" and Valentines all over. This combo of one dozen roses, a box of Godiva chocolates, and a teddy bear is currently priced at $49.99 instead of $99.99 so take advantage now!



Handcrafted Marble Business Cards
In today's business world, there are 3 things that are essential:
1. Website
2. Business Cards
3.  Integrity

Scenario 1:

Imagine finishing up a business meeting with a potential client.  The discussion was a success and you’re feeling very confident in closing this deal. You stand up to shake his or her hand, reach into your wallet for your business card… This is the make it or break it moment! This is your final chance to make a lasting impression on a promising client.

The really big mistake 99% of us will make is not having a business card that stands out.

Thank about how many times you've looked around and trying to recall who that one person you met was and where you left his card.  Sorting through piles of business cards and vaguely remembering who it might be.

Let’s face it – paper cards can look and feel cheap. If you’ve seen one paper card, then you’ve seen them all. When you hand a paper card to someone, they will glance at it briefly, probably thank you and shove it into their pocket. When they get home, the paper card will likely be tossed in the trash or get lost in the bottom of a purse.

Now imagine how much more confident you will feel handing a client your customized marble business card with crisp etching and vibrant color. Once you see the reaction from handing out your marble business cards you’ll realize the following:

Marble Business Cards are a great investment in your business. When we get ready for a meeting or lunch date with a potential client, we dress well, our hair is combed, clothes are ironed and the briefcase is prepped with any materials we may need.  Some go as far as purchasing an expensive Mont Blanc pen to exemplify success. So why stop at the last part with the business card?  It's probably one of the most impactful tools in business and lowest cost. Handing someone a cheap business card could easily be compared to showing up to that meeting in flip flops. Don’t make the big mistake of under-representing yourself and the quality of your business. Invest in business cards that make you standout and remembered.  They’re worth the lasting impression – all for less than the price of a small latte.

People never throw away marble business cards. Regardless if you end up closing the deal, the prospect will keep your business card. They will hold onto your card and even show it to others because it’s that unique and eye-catching. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!  And the people around them will all come to you to ask for one!  I don't pass them to everyone that asks, but it's a great conversation starter.  You really see people's eyes light up, simply because they've never seen it and marble itself is a beautiful product.  The reality is paper cards are much less expensive than marble business cards, but considering the bigger picture, paper cards are a waste of money because people don’t keep them – they don’t stand out. If clients don’t keep your card, they won’t remember you – communication will be lost therefore ending the likelihood of a business connection.  Most business people have sales backgrounds, which is why it'll be easy to understand.

In sales, it's all about the numbers.  How many people do you reach and what is the conversion?

Let's say you spend $50 for 10 marble business cards vs. $50 for 500 paper business cards.

And let's say maybe out of the 10 marble business cards you pass out, only 2 or 3 convert to actual customers.

And out of the 500 paper business cards you pass out, 10 ~ 20 of those convert to actual customers.

Initially, it sounds like a lot more customers....BUT!  If you do the math, paper business cards have a conversion rate of 0.4% whereas marble business cards has a 3% conversion rate!

Now, let's even forget the conversion rate.  How about what's even more valuable? Time!

How is many places, events, effort needed to meet 500 people?  How much faster it is to find 10 quality people and pass out your business card to?

I personally give random people I meet paper business cards, and the important ones I want to make an impress marble business cards.  

Marble business cards give you the means to instantly stand out without saying a word.

Everyone knows in the business world, nothing is more important than being remembered and standing out among your competition. Don’t make the mistake of handing out ordinary paper cards that do no justice for you as a professional. What's even worst than paper business cards are digital cards! How many contacts do you have that get lost in your phone or photo booth? If you scroll through your phone now, I'm sure there are a few people you even have a hard time recalling who they are!

Invest in a set of marble business cards, they are worth it and will guarantee you good results. 


It is infuriating to see our president banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, from entering the U.S.

Trump’s executive order is halting the Syrian refugee program and banning entry to all citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. Trump has defended his actions as protecting the United States from terrorists. More of his argument can be found here.

We do not want our nation or our people to threaten our values and beliefs. 

MIKOL may be a small company still, but this is something that affects us all as citizens, as Americans.  Our impact may not be as large as the surrounding tech companies in San Francisco, but we also want to bring in change, bring in good to our country, our world.  Hope whoever reads this can support and share with others!  There are families right now being separated who need our help!

We will be donating a percentage of our earnings to the cause and help the ACLU fight against this order.

The America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a public interest law firm aimed to "defend free speech and the right to protest, fight relentless attacks on reproductive freedom, reform our racially biased criminal justice system". We encourage all to help support ACLU and you can help by directly donating on their page here: https://action.aclu.org/donate-aclu

At MIKOL we pride our products and our people to be unique in a diverse community. But having a ban on people of a particular faith, race, identity, sexuality or ethnicity defeats the purpose and values of how our company was built upon and how our founding fathers built this country.

We still believe in America. We may not have the right leader, BUT this is the time where our people will unite itself and make this country right again! 

Please support ACLU with us to fight these illegal executive orders!

Again, donations are accepted directly at ACLU

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aclu.nationwide

Donate Directly On ACLU Affiliate Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/donate/10154645283453551/10154648627118551/

Hello All!

From January 23rd to to February 3rd, our shop will undergo some maintenance of our machinery.  Not to worry! We will still be shipping goods to anytime needed from our different locations!

However, PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING will need to wait until after February 3rd to be shipped.  We do strongly apologize any inconvenience and will be sure to ship out first thing once we are back so everyone can receive their Valentines gift! 

We thank you so much in advance for your understanding and working with us through this period.


If you have any questions, concerns our office can assist with, please feel free to reach out anytime at: Mikol@Mikolmarmi.com

May 24th, 2014 was a very happening time for Carrara, Italy.

Golden toilets, private jets chartered for special guests, flowers stacked as high as the mountain with the Carrara marble being flawless!  

This was the beautiful ceremony of Kanye West & Kim Kardashian!



Kanye West proclaimed two loves that day.  One to Kim and the other love to Carrara marble.  

Reportedly at the wedding, he featured some intricately carved, cut and crafted marble piano, grand marble table, and 10 nude black marble statues.  These were all material quarried from Carrara, Italy by master quarrier and crafters.

That wasn't the only public display of affection towards marble Kanye West had.  Aside from his extravagant wedding details, Kanye reportedly demanded a marble floor for his Saturday night live performance!  He said: “If I’m going to sing like a stone, I need to feel the stone.”

This passion for marble continued during an episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" January 2015.  There was a blowout when Jenner allegedly helped herself to a few marble slabs from Kim's stash.  The issue was Kanye wasn't able to complete his bathroom which sparked the huge fight.

Carrara Marble Quarry

Throughout the mountain, there are roughly 164 quarries being mined at the moment.

Carrara has a built an impressive legacy through the centuries just as Kanye West expands his own empire through music, fashion, and maybe politics?

‘The city [of Carrara] lives on marble and its citizens breathe its dust.’

 - Dr. Alison Leitch

We have created a list and some fun facts about Carrara marble's history in another blog if you're interested.  You can find the link here: http://www.mikolmarmi.com/blogs/news/fun-facts-about-carrara-marble

Carrara sits at the tip of Italy’s Tuscany region, about 62 miles northwest of Florence tucked into the foothills of the Apuan Alps. Mining of the Carrara quarries began more than 2,000 years ago when slaves used chisels and wooden tools to chop off pieces of the block.

The approximately 64,000 inhabitants of the region are passionate about their relation to one of the world’s greatest natural wonders.

“The city lives on marble and its citizens breathe its dust,” Leitch wrote in her thesis. She noted that the people of Carrara believe the calcium carbonate in marble “cleans and purifies the lungs.

One hundred sixty-four quarries are mined throughout the mountains, generating dozens upon dozens of different kinds of marble, distinguished from one another by their color and veining. Statuario marble, for which Carrara is most revered, forms from pure limestone. The darker varieties tend to have impurities, such as clay, that mix in during metamorphism. Calacatta is one of the rarest and most expensive kinds, which is identified by its thicker veins.

While there are hundreds of marble mines across the globe (from China to India to Vermont), Carrara has produced not only the most marble in the world but the most desirable slabs.  For 2000 years, Carrara has been the epicenter of marble production and craftsmanship that was passed on from generation to generation.

One of or close partners that does installation work with us in the U.S. is the Castellucci family who has been in the business for over 200 years with roots in Italy.


As Kanye West and Carrara's continue to make history, they both come from a tumultous past.

A Chicago native, West dropped out of college with no future ahead of him.  But as it turns out, he proved everyone wrong by all the accomplishments and being one of the greatest recording artists of the 21st century.

Just as West, the surrounding areas of Carrara was in an anarchic state during the 19th century.  An anarchist group nearby Avanza in 1885 was founded Belgian and Swiss revolutionaries.

The Italian minister Francesco Crispi declared a state of emergency in January 1894.  This revolution would later be known as the Lunigiana revolt.

Even after the dust settled with the revolt, many radical spirits still remained around Carrara.  Quarrymen would go on strikes to improve working conditions.  Finally, in 1968, the International of Anarchist Federations was founded in Carrara, Italy.

The History

This rich marble has provided numerous world renown structures that have been part of human history. The Pantheon in Rome, Italy, is one of the quarries' most well-known claims to fame.

Carrara marble has had many, many love stories, from artisans to architects to authors, this beautiful rich white wavy stone has attracted all types.

“Like Muslims go to Mecca and Christians go to the Vatican, sculptors must come to Carrara,” art curator Giuliano Gori told the New York Times in an August 2002 article.

The Pantheon, London’s Marble Arch, the Oslo Opera House, the Peace Monument in Washington, DC, Damien Hirst’s “Anatomy of an Angel,” Rome’s Trajan’s Column, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the interior of the Freedom Tower — all created with marble from Carrara. Even Dante Alighieri cited Carrara in “Inferno,” the first part of his epic poem “Divine Comedy.”

“I mean taste, culture, art, just the quality in life,” West said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in 2013.  Which we can't agree more.  Marble has it all, taste, culture, art, and quality of life that it represents!

Even Osama bin Laden’s family wanted a piece of the historic quarries, who purchased a company that owned a third of the Carrara quarries in August 2014.

The third largest construction company in the world is Saudi's Binladin Group.  Osama's father founded the company in 1931.  In 1994, Osama was disowned by his family and expelled from all company proceedings.

The list of marvels continues with Carrara marble.  One of the most notable features is Michelangelo's famed sculpture of David carved out of Carrara marble when he was 26 years old.

michaelangelo and david carrara

“This is the type of impact I wanna make on the Earth,” West — who has compared himself to Michelangelo at least half a dozen times — also said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.

It's ok Kanye! We feel the same way =)

Michelangelo once said, “I see the angel in the marble and set it free.”

A block of the Carrara white marble had been sitting in Florence for decades before Michaelangelo carved David.

“People could want so many things out of you and you don’t want to let people down because of Michelangelo comments and things,” West told SHOWstudio. “You want to deliver genius.”

With our ever-evolving world, Carrara will have some challenges reinventing itself with our technological and modern shift while preserving its rich stories and tradition.

“We want to innovate and we will win someday,” West tweeted in February 2015.

“What I care about is history,” West said on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in February 2014.

There are several reasons why we chose to work with natural marble, and one of them Kanye West hits hard on. "What I care about is history"


Marble iPhone 7 Plus Case


What makes a marble case stand out is the history it carries. To match the case, I like to wear a Carrara white marble dog tag that has my name engraved on it as a specialty piece.

The Difference Between a Diary and Journal?

A diary is something you simply record the reactions of your day to day happenings.  Whereas a journal includes that and much more.  A journal is where people reflect on what has happened, what inspired them whether it's creatively or spiritually. A place of comfort and safety to express.

5 Tips for Journaling Your Best Ideas

1.  Take your journal everywhere. (Simple enough right? =)

It's easy enough to keep a small pocket notebook with you to write down notes anywhere an idea or thought comes to mind.  Or you can just type simple bullet point notes into your smartphone.  When you have time, transcribe those notes into your daily journal.

Try to do it at least every week to build those writing habits.

2.  Select a journal that fits you

Having a nice or unique journal helps because it then becomes a go to item rather than just a journal that you toss to the side.

There are many kinds of journals such as spiral-bound notebooks with lined pages, hardcover books with unlined pages, 3-ring notebooks with folders for loose papers, and beautifully handcrafted journals. (Plenty of options)

Whatever you choose is fine, but find something you will actually use.  Notebooks are fashionable items too, so you can find one that can be a topic of conversation as well.

3.  Handwrite your journal entries 

There are several health benefits with handwriting as you can look at some other blogs we have written about.  Aside from improving your brain with handwriting, it keeps things more spontaneous.  You are forced to process slower and reflect on your emotional state.  Typing on a computer is so much easier, but as easy as those thoughts come, it's just as easy to be deleted.   Switch it up and give it a wind ;)

4.  Leave a few pages for a table of content

It's like coding a program, always good to leave "bookmarks" to go back and find the goodies!  Number each page with the listed topics so it's easy to go to any section you need after finishing your first journal entry.

5.  Forget grammar, spelling, or any other rules 

This is for you! Be free! Feel safe and secure in this space.  No one will see it unless you choose to share it.  This is a workbook for you to build good habits.  Don't worry about any rules, just let it fly! You’ll have plenty of time to fully develop and then edit these ideas later.

You can slowly edit your journal later when you have the time or have better ideas to write about.

These are just a few fundamentals of getting started! I'm sure you are wondering what to write about?  Check through some of our other blogs for inspiration! 



Widely known as a leader of natural stones when it comes to beauty and durability, marble is used pretty much everywhere around the world in order to enhance the design of a specific structure or monument.

One of the prized natural stones is the Carrara marble quarry which carries a rich history dating back to the Roman empire. It has been the prized luxurious material to use for palaces, museums, churches and so on.

The great artist Michelangelo's philosophy of the perfect artistic creation required him to use the best marble in the world for his sculptures.  He believed that quarries in Carrara, Italy located in the northwest corner of Tuscany fit that description. 

1. People today people know it as marble but back in the day, the Greeks have called it “Marmaros” which basically means something very shining and beautiful. When it is well polished and clean, marble has excellent reflective properties and that is why people love it so much.

2. Many people don’t know that marble can also be used with other purposes. For example, a fine powder of marble can be used in various glues, plastics and even in toothpastes!

3. Long period of service. Marble has been used successfully by the Romans, Greeks and other civilizations as well. It is estimated that it is utilized as a construction material for more than 2000 years.

Michaelangelo carrara marble

4. List of famous buildings built with Carrara marble:


And not we at MIKOL decided to also use it as our prestigious luxury piece in our products.

marble iphone 7 casemarble notebook

The beautiful Carrara Marble iPhone 7 Case and notebook journals has been a hit on the market.  The popularity of this fine marble hasn't died in 2000 years, I think it still has a little more time to go.

Wouldn't you say so?

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