7 Must Need Home Gadgets For Your House

7 Must Need Home Gadgets For Your House

July 20, 2020


Is your house filled with a lot of items that you thought were cool when you bought it, but ended up just sitting there collecting dust? Or did you get rid of it by gifting to someone or selling it on eBay?

I am definitely guilty for sure! But there are some pretty amazing tech items that are very useful.  For instance, Amazon Alexa is extremely helpful in my day to day life, easily telling me the time, adjusting my calendar, turning on and off the lights, curtains, etc. 

And from a design standpoint, these types of gadgets blend perfectly into the living space without feeling like it's a clunky tech item. 

Let's take a look at some of the most popular home gadgets on the market, and also some of our favorites: 


1. Smart Door Locks

smart door lock

Speaking of Amazon Alexa.  Not too long ago, Amazon purchased the company Ring door locks which wonderful for keyless entry and if you have guests over or Airbnb for selected people to enter your home. And it comes with a video camera to ensure your home is well protected at all times. But there are several other options on the market that allows you to lock and unlock your doors by using your smartphone, unique key fob, or biometrics. The main point is that it is keyless and effortless.  It makes it difficult for intruders to come in, but easy for you to enter, especially if you are one to always forget where you have placed your keys.   

2. Smart Kitchen Appliances

Imagine waking up in the morning and having your pot of coffee brewing while you are brushing your teeth and getting ready to head out the door. As you leave your bedroom, you walk in the kitchen and the pot of coffee is ready to go.  Definitely saves you a trip and expense to Starbucks.  Or for those who don't really know how to cook and have a frying pan that tells you when to flip an egg, cook a steak, and so on.  Check the list for a variety of smart appliances that you could add into your home.


3. Home Speaker

apple speaker

This is the easiest one to get because Amazon, Google, and Apple all have a wonderful smart home speaker device.  And it's quite simple to connect them to a larger speaker if you enjoy cranking up the volume in the house. All these devices can connect to iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon music.   

4. Smart Air Purifier

Sometimes a small air purifier isn’t enough: you need a big purifier for big jobs. That’s where the aair 3-in-1 Pro comes in: it’s made for rooms 750 ft² and beyond, and built to deal with multiple problems at once.

Using state-of-the-art technology, as well as smart learning software, the aair can eliminate more than 99.7% of indoor air pollutants while becoming more efficient and effective over time.

Never worry about your air problems again with this machine.

Always connected

Smart home air purifiers have software built into every device that offers full insight and control over indoor air quality from anywhere in the world. Advanced features even allow these air purifiers to adapt to your behavior and automatically adjust their settings.

5. Nest Thermostat


I'm sure you have heard of the Nest Thermostat.  Aside from being able to be controlled from your phone, it has automatic learning to sense seasonal changes, temperature changes and it will adjust itself automatically based on your usual preferences.  

On top of that, it will help you save as much as 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling. 


6. Smart Lighting


This one is another favorite of ours that connects to Amazon Alexa, Google, or Apple smart devices.  Philips hue makes smart lighting that can be turned on with voice command.  It is designed to be energy efficient, so overtime it'll pay for itself. 

And if you don't have a smart home device to control. You can simply use your iPhone and ask Siri to adjust the brightness of the light, certain times to turn on and off, or just have it turned on or off by command.


7. Lifestyle Wireless Charging Pads

Having a wireless charging pad makes it easier to charge your phone on the go.  Although a cord you simply just have to plug it in, in our world of efficiency, it is so much easier to just place your mobile phone on a surface to charge.  They are terrific for homes, offices, cafes, bars, and cars.  It's also convenient at night when you are so ready to crash and can simply toss your phone onto the charging station.  Rather than having to scramble in the dark to find the cord and plugin to your mobile phone.  Pick up the phone, answer the messages, and place it back on the charger.


Guest post by WuwuLife

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