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Modern Workspaces: What Workers Need for Maximum Productivity

April 28, 2023

In the past, you might think about office space like the tiny cubicles in Dilbert cartoons. These little spaces restricted movement, and they did little for employee morale. Now, though, times have changed, and bosses and business owners have other ideas about getting productivity out of their employees.

You can look at a coworking space in the Woodlands if you want an example of a modern working space. We will talk about what you might want in one of these spaces right now.  

Open-Concept Workspaces

We mentioned the Dilbert-style little cubicles that dominated antiquated workspaces. Those cubicles could hold a single human being, a tiny desk, and a computer, with not much space for anything else.

The average employee, if you asked for an honest answer, would probably tell you that they did not like that setup very much. They felt isolated, even with many other cubicles around them.

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The open-concept workspace exists these days, and many Silicon Valley companies use it. You do not typically have an assigned cubicle. Instead, when you come in to the office, you have larger work areas without any walls or partitions separating them.

You can sit down at long tables or even couches in some cases. You have a laptop, so you do not need a PC that remains in your cubicle.

You can sit anywhere you want, by anyone you like. You just get onto the workspace’s Wi-Fi network and start with the day’s work. You can converse with your neighbors if you like. Just so long as you do your work, the modern boss likely won’t insist that you sequester yourself in a cubicle or in a private office.

Private Workspaces

Of course, you might feel like you need total concentration if you have a project that you must complete urgently. In that situation, maybe you need some privacy, and you don’t want any conversation.

That’s why the modern workspace should have some private offices as well. You can go into one of these and close the doors if you like. Usually, these offices don’t have assigned workers. You can just go into one and use it if you feel the need, or you might reserve one beforehand if you know that you’re approaching a deadline.

Communal Lounge Areas

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The modern workspace also probably has a communal lounger area, if not more than one. If you’re renting or if your company owns a large building, then you may have a communal lounge area on each floor.

That lounge will likely have some overstuffed couches where you can lie down and rest if you feel stressed. It will have some large, flat-screen TVs where you can watch Sports center or some other show on which everyone agrees. You might all take a break and watch a basketball game during March Madness or a football game during football season.

These communal lounge areas might also have ping pong tables, foosball tables, or pool tables. Whenever anyone feels some stress, they can spend some time there. Some of the staff members might challenge each other to games of pinball, pool, or whatever else they like during their downtime.

Sleeping Quarters

Some companies want their employees there for many hours at one time. The boss might prefer that you stay there instead of going home and then coming back.

That means many modern workspaces will have small rooms with beds or couches where you can lie down and get some shuteye for a while if you feel like you need it. You can get a nap in the afternoon and tackle the project again once you feel refreshed and energized.  

A Kitchen Area

The modern workplace needs a well-equipped kitchen as well. You should have a large refrigerator, a microwave, a water cooler, and a coffee machine, at a minimum. You might also have a Foreman grill, a fondue set, and other fun kitchen appliances and accessories that you can use if you like.

You should have tables and chairs where people can sit and eat. You may also have a fully functioning cafeteria down the hall. If you have a large business where you make lots of money, you might have gourmet food in that cafeteria that’s made fresh daily.

Every business functions differently, but in 2023, most bosses understand that if they treat their employees well, they will get better work from them. That’s why companies must construct versatile office spaces that meet every employee’s needs.  

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