Installation Guide


Installation Guide

marble bathroom*Note* These suggestions are meant for professional installers. This is just a general guideline as every natural stone carries different characteristics.  We suggest you test out each stone before working on your final project.   MIKOL LLC All Rights Reserved 2020


Handling MIKOLITE Slabs

marble slabs When you first open the crate of marble slabs, make sure there are two people handling the product. DO NOT GRAB the slab by its corners.  Slowly lift the stone up with TWO people one on each side. Also, make sure the STONE FACE IS ALWAYS FACING UP.

mikolite slab

Waterproof all areas as you would for normal stone installations (when applicable). You will need to be working with a clean and sealed slab.

MIKOLITE Slabs are designed to be cut onsite. We suggest using vacuum track plung saws (similar to a festool 55E model #574683 shown) along with the 75” and 118” tracks for straight cuts. Only unsegmented diamond tip blades should be used.

Stone cutting

When making irregular cuts, we suggest a 4 1/2” variable speed grinder with an unsegmented diamond tip blade.

Next, we suggest using pro series transparent knife grade polyester with coloring paste to join your mitered edges together. Matching the dye to your stone can be difficult. We suggest you test your coloring before applying.

Smear the adhesive paste in between the two mitered edges and tape firmly together. Once dried, you gently sand away the excess with a series of very high grit sandpaper.

To ease and polish the mitered edge, use very high grit paper with an orbital sander. Higher grit paper is used for marble (600-1200).

To attach stone to the walls, we use a combination of adhesives. We used Latapoxy 310 2 part adhesive and Loctite PL 375 Heavy Duty adhesive; silicone can be added as well (many other adhesives can be used). Clean the mesh side off before installing.

shower panels

• We suggest tile spacers or shims to help level the wall you are about to install on (if necessary). Then every 6”-8” apply the adhesives to the back side of the stone . You will also apply to the wall where the spacers meet the stone.



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