As mentioned already, the color of blue brings peace. Often associated with the calming of the sea and clarity of blue skies.  Scientifically it has shown to slow heart rate and breathing, so it can be a good color to aid meditation or relaxation.


Because of its calming psychological properties, it instills confidence and trust. The negative aspects are that it is unappetizing, occasionally snobbish and may suggest aloofness and lack of emotion.


Unlike the safer colors, blue does stand out more.  This shows confidence in people who are linked to this color. And unlike red who shows more aggressive dominance, blue shows calm authority. They inspire trust and is non-threatening in its pursuit. Teen Personality Disorder Treatment will also help you to know about your personality and provide suggestions to lead a better life.


Blue is often said to be emotionless color due to its calming responses.  People with blue psychology are very intelligent, calm and rational which often times are interpreted as color or snobbish.