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December 15, 2022

Green Trees 

Do not underestimate the power of color whether it is derived from a spiritual interpretation or psychological. There is a science behind it, and you see it affecting you every day whether you realize it or not. Big companies use it as a branding technique to elicit certain feelings from you about them. 

What comes to mind when you think about the color green?  Nature? Wildlife? Healthy? Organic products? Wholefoods....?  Wooo....did I get you there? 

Whether it is dark green light green, variegated greens, all these colors are to evoke a feeling of relaxation, peace, and harmony. 

What is the Psychology of the color Green

Well as you would have thought already, it is a calm color that symbolizes the natural world.  It often represents tranquility, good luck, health, jealousy, refreshment, universal love, rest, environmental awareness, reassurance, restoration, peace, and equilibrium.

Green represents growth, the color of spring, renewal, and rebirth. In the modern world, it restores depleted energy, equalizes stress, and gives us a sense of well being. 

The emotionally positive color of green gives us the ability to love and nurture ourselves as well as others.  People who are drawn to green are generally natural peacemakers.  Careful, these type of people tend to be associated with boredom and must avoid becoming a martyr.

In the spiritual world, it has also been the symbol of fertility and actually a preferred color of choice for wedding gowns in the 15th century.  According to researchers, green can improve reading ability. By simply laying a transparent sheet of green paper over reading material can increase your reading speed and comprehension.
Because of the calm nature of green, guests waiting to appear on television programs often wait in a "green room" to help them relax.
Green in Branding


Green Logo

As we briefly mentioned above how the "green" association wholefoods link our minds to natural, healthy and safe. Other companies use it as well.  Think about our popular coffee brand Starbucks. 

The green color palate of Starbucks represents growth, freshness, uniqueness, and prosperity. Starbucks not only utilizes green in their logo but also throughout its stores combined with the wood feel to promote relaxation.

Companies such as BP oil, Ameritrade, Godaddy, Evernote, and Spotify just to name a few. 

You will will also find the color green for servicemen and veterans. The reason is that the color green represents hope, renewal and well-being which is a way to honor these men and women. And is also why they have metals and pins on their uniform.  In civilian society we create custom lapel pins to show support for these brave and hard-working men and women. People can make it visible to the outside world by customizing a green pin with a custom tribute to veterans on it. It is a way to show any veteran who sees your pin that you are giving support, encouragement, and appreciation.

What are people with green psychology like?

There are pros and cons to people who are "more green", but this applies to all colors. We just aren't perfect people.

Green people generally represent:

Green peace

Growth and vitality, very self-reliant, reliable, and dependable. These people are calm and tactful with a high EQ. Earnest and intelligent and are big nature lovers and very family-oriented.

They are great at creating social clubs, organizations or foundations due to a need for belonging. People tend to listen cause they are compassionate and nurturing, generous, kind and loyal with a high moral sense.

On the flip side, these people can be possessive and over-cautious which sometimes turns into jealousy or envy.  They can be selfish, greedy and devious with money.  Green personalities need to be aware to be more considerate of others and careful not to fall on the dark side of the green personality.

Professions that fit green personalities

Green personality people are great listeners and have a caring heart. Counselors, social workers, and charity organizations are all top list occupations for green personalities.  And they are the best neighbors and parents because of how helpful and nurturing their personalities are.

They tend to be terrific leaders because they encompass mental clarity and optimism with calm emotions.  Their generosity of spirit and inspiration will encourage others to follow their dreams to "do the right thing".

And the personality is fueled with stability and endurance, giving them the persistence to cope with adversity.

Green represents prosperity and abundance, of finance and material wealth. In the business world, real estate is where they would thrive in. As their business prospers, their possessiveness will feel the need to own people and things. This comes with all their success, so one must be careful to always stay grounded.

How true do you find this relating to you if your color is green?

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Or you can find out if black is more your personality color.

If you aren't sure what color you are, going through zodiac colors may help you identify your personality and better understand your unconscious thoughts. 


Contributed by: Wuwulife

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