The Power of Your Zodiac Color

The Power of Your Zodiac Color

May 30, 2022

Happy Colors

Colors carry energy, whether it be spiritual or psychological. Every color has its own ability and is able to bring out something in you that makes you truly shine.  Some colors have the ability to enhance your confidence, empower you, give you strength. Some can ease your mind, calm restless energy and so much more.

If you don't believe in zodiac signs and the power color matched you, we also have a scientific approach to it as well from a psychological standpoint.  We have articles such as 10 personality traits about people who like white you can read about.

Colorstrology can help guide everything from home decor to our fashion style. It's not that we let colors or zodiac signs dictate our lives, but it can provide some valuable insights into our emotions, behaviors, drives and other triggers.

It also helps from a design standpoint in creating that perfect harmonious balance. We find it through nature, the architecture of other artists, psychology, astrology, mythical stories and so much more.

Are you curious which colors give your sign power?



Aries color:  Red

Aries is the trailblazer, red-hot passionate type! The color red is Arie's soul! The color of excitement and assertion which also supports the active nature of eagerness in life. When you have an idea or want something, that fire is ignited to ensure it is executed. This also means Aries demands attention and do not want to be ignored. Based on zodialogy, Aries enhance their natural powers more when they surround themselves with their zodiac color.

To give you a background of how we decided to create the Waitomo ruby case. The design inspiration came from New Zealand glow worms. But the color using red-hot travertine from the desserts of Iran stemmed from Aries' fire.

Waitomo Ruby XS case

Waitomo Ruby iPhone XS case

Taurus color: Green

Considering the Taurus sign is grounded in earth's energy, it shouldn't be a surprise the power of color is green. Green really reinforces the Taurus' spiritual connection to nature and growth.  

Your sign and color suggest that you are a kid at heart.  You find happiness when you see things grow and thrive.  The color also symbolizes unity and family.  The grounding color of green usually shows generosity and along with the ability to gain material resources to further support your philanthropic work. 

Based on the Taurus color, we chose a nice deep emerald green to represent nature, mother earth and tranquility.  There are many green stones around the world, but what better place than the beautiful island of Taiwan. The emerald green stone is located on the east coast of Taiwan. Surrounded by deep green forests and pressed up against a gorgeous ocean view.  

Emerald Green iPhone XS Case

Emerald green iPhone XS case

Gemini color: Yellow

The Gemini's spirit is like a bright yellow lightning bolt. You are typically filled with curiosity, brilliant thoughts, a mind of intellect.  Geminis tend to mimic the warm sun with their personality. Surrounding yourself with yellow will enhance the Gemini's mental power and sharpen your focus.

The desert sand dog tag necklace stone originates from India. Bright warm yellow background color filled with its exotic veins.  Symbolizing Gemini's warmth in personality as well as creative flow. 

Cancer color: White and Silver

The Cancer's ruling planet is the moon. Just like the moon, it is bright in white carried across with grey moon dust and lunar silver. These colors show a Cancer's deep reflective nature with strong intuition and insight.  Usually very wise people and fair with others and themselves.  The colors white and silver will help with the sign's sensitivity and understanding.

The Carrara White marble from Italy is definitely one of our signature pieces.  The stone is favored by great artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci even till this day of modern architecture and design.  It has strong characteristics of the Cancer's colors with a pure white base and it's lightening gray veins.

Carrara white notebooks are just one of the many popular items that we used the stone.  This stone has the outter beauty as well as the rich inner beauty. Cancers are very lucky to have this as their signature stone.

Carrara White Notebook

Leo color: Gold

Leo the lions are absolutely radiant, so it is no surprise their color is gold like their mane.  Leo's are of royalty and class.  Gold strengthens their already warm heart and positive spirit.  As we all know, Leos do enjoy attention, therefore gold provides that recognition they need. But it also supports their generous nature and optimistic view on life.

We don't have very many items with the galaxy gold marble because of its rarity. The gold speaks of attention, but mixed with its beautiful veined patterns and a hint of white that gives it class. Galaxy gold only available in the iPhone cases.

Galaxy Gold iPhone XS Case

Galaxy gold iPhone XS case

Virgo color: Brown

The Virgo is an earth sign that feels most at peace with the soil of the ground mixed in with wood and air. It keeps Virgos grounded and focused on continuous growth. 

According to the Stars Like You website, Virgos are known to be practical people, they are doers, leaning towards action and service. You can also read a brief about the personality and characteristics of Virgo If you want to understand Virgos better. You will discover with no surprise why their color is brown.Their color brown represents stability, structure and strengthens a Virgo's lifelong plight toward self-improvement. 

The accessories are matched carefully with stainless steel silver to balance out the stone's power.  Tiger eye stone bead bracelet is the perfect earth stone for Virgos to wear.   

Tiger Eye Bead Bracelet


Libra color: Pink and Blue

A Libra's spirit animal might as well be a unicorn since they tend to be fresh, alive and mischievous. Libras inherently seek equilibrium, a balance and come together to bring about perfect harmony. Nature is a big necessity for them. Pink helps open up a libra's heart and soften its presence.  The blue brings more of a calming effect to a libra's likable personality.  Blue provides more clarity and balance while pink brings out a Libra's sweet and loving nature that sometimes get overlooked for flirtatiousness.

As the Libra sign, we have a balance to male and female stones for this zodiac.  The Pink Rose Quartz stone bead bracelet has enough splash and luster for a woman. The deep blue of Lapis lazuli stone bead bracelets has a grounding effect for men as well a sense of cool calmness.

Scorpio color: Red

Scorpios are firey red. The best way is to imagine a volcano, hot, passionate flow! Red is a color of sensuality, love, potential, magic, and manifestation. You can burn brighter than most. A Scorpio's energy and color may give people whiplash from its boldness and intensity. The color red enhances their sensual, creative, and deeply passionate energy.

The Scorpio stone we chose is from Nova Scotia, Canada.  The marble quarry carries a beautiful red that ranges from light pink all the way to a deep colorful red. Since it's natural stone, it may depend on what type of Scorpio you are to receive the range of red Rosso Verona iPhone case.

Sagittarius color: Violet

Sagittarius-violet is a heady color and incredibly perceptive and uplifting, so your color reflects this vision, focus, and projection. You find excitement when it comes to adventures in understanding and wisdom. This means you have a gift for sharing your knowledge in uncommon, adventurous ways. Your power color brings out your spirituality and awareness. And just like purple amethyst, your color brings natural luck and positive nature.

It is almost a no-brainer why we chose the Amethyst stone as the Sagittarius stone.

Amytheyst iPhone Case

Amethyst iPhone Case

Capricorn color: Black

The earthy tones help a Capricorn discover his/her strongest and most practical path to embark in life. Many people may consider black a heavy color, but the darkness actually represents a maturity and ability to absorb your surrounds in aid of a transformational growth.  You are grounded solid, reliable and traditionalism. 

A mixture of white and black increases a Capricorn's conservative nature.  It can greatly benefit their steadfast determination to achieve its highest goals.

The perfect stone for Capricorns is the Spanish marble Nero Marquina.  The deep black background that captures the power of this zodiac signed matched with its lightning veins that run through the material. Its beauty and natural mixture truly represent a Capricorn.

Nero Marquina iPhone Xs case

Nero Marquina iPhone Xs Case 

Aquarius' color: Turquoise

The beauty of Aquarius is like when the moment the blue sky kisses the yellow sun.

This sign's zodiac color is turquoise which encourages brilliant ideas as well as calm the restless energy in them. The color creates a smooth flow of ideas, conversation, and experimentation.

We chose the Aquamarine beaded bracelet as the perfect stone for Aquarius. These fashionable bracelets are truly one of a kind. Each bracelet is made of different shades of blue, green, and everything in between. 

Pisces color: Ocean Blue

Some of the emotional waters you swim in are very dark, but very little escapes your perception. Just as the moon, you are intuitive, in sync with the tides, and relate well to water. It is natural you find the deep blue ocean calming, peaceful and cleansing. The color brings about healing and renewal and connects Pisces with its subconscious. Your sign and color is a gift of growth and vision. Your gifts of perception can help others in advancing their dreams, and realizing their greatest potential. You can use your gifts to give yourself the same lift.

We found the deep blue lapis lazuli stone to be perfectly matched with Pisces. This is one of the most sought-after stone since mankind. And at MIKOL, it is also one of the most prized items we have, the Laguna blue iPhone XS case.

Laguna blue iPhone Xs case

Colorstrolgy can do more than help you understand your advantage, but it can also help you tap into a particular zodiac energy. Hope you enjoyed finding new meaning in your zodiac sign and the color associated with it.

If you don't believe in zodiac signs and spiritual healing. We have also looked into a more scientific approach through psychology.

Such as 10 personality traits about people who like black

We would love to hear your comments or share with others you think find this interesting.


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