10 Personality Traits About People Who Like White

August 12, 2016

White dress fashion

What does choosing the "color" white say about you?

There is a certain psychological interpretation to colors and how it effects our human brain. Some personality traits can be categorized by preference of color.

Here we are going to focus soely on the "color" white.

Since ancient times, white has always signified purity and serenity.  In biblical stories, angels are always portrayed with a glowing white light and gown shining down.

People who tend to choose white, enjoy simplicity, cleanliness, minimalism.

Apple, one of the greatest companies of the 21st century and it's late founder has strongly used white into it's company's designs and products.  The launch of the first iPod was a beautiful zen like white.

Carrara White Marble macbook cover

White signifies the ability to stay calm and balanced, even in the midst of conflict. These type of people bring great gifts of clarity and tolerance and are generally kind, adaptable, and good-listeners.

As we all know, white gets dirty easily.  Ones who prefer white not only seek cleanliness in appearance, but are often associated with higher standards, since it is more difficult to maintain this kind of purity. Even the tiniest spot will be more obvious on white and many people tend to avoid white just for this reason. Your consistent choice of white over other colors shows your confidence in yourself, your openness, fearlessness and your striving for perfection.

However, some may be going through a transitional phase in life and choose white as a symbol of blank slate or new page; a new chapter in your life.

White is also associated with courage. White cannot hide imperfections, like black can, so if you are wearing white you are usually perceived as a very open, sincere and brave person.

Other qualities of personality color of white are:

  • optimism,
  • independence,
  • harmony,
  • wisdom,
  • emotional control,
  • self-reliance,
  • confidence.

Is white your color?

If white isn't your color, don't worry! We will explore other colors in the next few articles.


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