Psychology Of The Color Red

Psychology Of The Color Red

January 31, 2018

Red Fashion
Have you ever wondered what your favorite color says about you?
And don't think you don't have one.  Most of us are naturally drawn to certain colors, it's just how human brains work.
You know the most popular color in the world is blue and a higher preference in men.  And you wonder why all these tech startups are all blue themed.
Women on the other hand usually prefer black.  More mysterious, sexy, and confident.
What if your favorite color is red?
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People who like red are generally bold, sexually charged, and want to make a lasting impression. 
The best part is that Most of us are generally drawn to people in red. Can you hear the song "Lady in red" now? 
The "personality of red" identifies you as an extrovert, optimistic, courageous and confident.
"Red people" are generally the center of attention and have a charisma that draws people to them.
People with the personality color red are stimulating to be around because they radiate a great aura of energy!  Very ambitious and competitive people. And because of that personality, they push themselves to achieve greatness.
When you think of people with red personality, it is often associated with passion and drive! They want to explore the world and conquer the 4 corners of the Earth.
With such drive, they are often times a bit impulsive, acting before they think and rely heavily on their intuition.  Shorter attention span which makes them constantly crave for new challenges.
So sometimes it's good to have a little blue or white to balance out the fire in them.  Keep them in peace and grounded when needed.

Careers of Red:

These lovers of red tend to be the explorers and pioneers of the world charging ahead!  A certain type of entrepreneurs that really take charge and lead the team! Pushing the team's limit in discovering themselves, creativity and life.  I guess Steve Jobs would be a good example of this.
Entertainers are great for personality red people.  Anything of being on stage, art, under the limelight is perfect for them.  
And if entertainment isn't for them, then sales & marketing, advertisement, business development would be a great career for them as well.

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