The Top 5 Marble Accessory Trends of 2019

The Top 5 Marble Accessory Trends of 2019

May 28, 2019

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Marble has long been one of the most desirable natural stones used in art, building, and home decor for centuries. The gleaming metamorphic stone boasts beautiful tones and unique marbling throughout. It’s a sign of elegance, class, and wealth and everyone wants to get their hands on it. It’s an expensive option if you’re planning on decking out your home in marble, but there are also marble accessories that you can find to create glamour in your home without having to take on a full home renovation. Read on to discover the top 5 marble accessory trends of 2019.


  1. Marble Sinks

Marble Sink 

Marble sinks have always been around but in 2019 they have made a comeback. A marble sink is a beautiful option as opposed to traditional steel or white colored sink. It’s also a cheaper option if you just use it as an accent on your countertop. In contrast, having an entire countertop made of marble, although beautiful can be costly. Installing a marble sink will add the perfect touch to your kitchen or bathroom. The marble in a sink works beautifully as the backdrop for water flow. Because of its smooth surface, the marble sink is desirable and due to its design, it’s harder to spot stains as compared to a traditional sink. You can install one in your bathroom or kitchen, but keep in mind that you probably use your kitchen sink much more than your bathroom sink.

Stone Sink 

A marble sink is also easier and quicker to maintain in comparison to an entire marble countertop. It’s a smaller area to seal and upkeep. Marble should always be sealed and special precautions must be taken. Never apply too much heat or the marble can crack. Also, avoid acidic substances from staying out too long in a marble sink or you could end up with scratches, etchings, and stains.


  1. Marble Tables


It’s not uncommon to see homes with expensive marble countertops, but imagine having not only marble countertops but also marble tabletops. Marble tabletops are the perfect way for accenting any room in the home with a touch of luxury. You can choose a variety of marble tabletops. Whether it’s the kitchen table, coffee table, side table, or just a nightstand, a marble tabletop adds a modern twist.

 marble coffee table

Most marble tabletops come in the white shade of marble that has gray marbling throughout. This also helps to lighten and brighten a space. Another marble table trend is to contrast the marble tabletop with gold edging and wooden or metal table legs. This gives the table a contemporary look.


As with all marble, it’s crucial that proper care is diligently followed. Marble is a porous stone and can be easily permeated and discolored. It is also prone to cracking and staining.


  1. Marble Cheese Boards and Trays


In 2019 marble is not just being used as a statement piece accessory such as a sink or large table, it’s also being used as an accessory in the kitchen and other rooms. Particularly popular are marble cheese boards, or charcuterie boards, and marble trays. Marble cheese boards are an eye-catching way to decorate your table when it’s time for guests. Pile on the cheese, meats, and bread, and you’ll be sure to capture not only everyone’s taste buds but their attention too. Marble cheese boards are the perfectly elegant way to pass out a snack and keep them coming for more. It’s also a perfect union between the neutral colors of the board and creamy colors of cheese and the perfect contrast between the pink colored cold cuts.

marble trays 

Marble trays are also “in” this year. These trays can be used for just about anything, carrying snacks, breakfast in bed, and organizing random knick-knacks. You can place these marble trays anywhere in your home from your kitchen to your bathroom and bedroom. The trays are strong and durable, as marble is known to be, and they can hold a lot of weight. To clean your marble tray, make sure you dust it every few days.


  1. Marble Kitchen Tools and Utensils


Home decor and countertops aren’t the only big thing anymore when it comes to marble. Marble is being incorporated into almost every facet of the home this year. You can find an endless variety of kitchen utensils with marble accents. Choose from forks, knives, and spoons that have marble handles. Usually, these are coupled with stainless steel, copper, or gold tips and edges. You can also find marble rolling pins cutting boards, cake holders, fruit bowls, and much more. Adding these to an already existing marble countertop isn’t overkill if you choose the accessories that have a hint of wood or metal incorporated into the marble. It’s also a beautiful contrast to a countertop that isn’t made of marble.

 marble magnet

Marble kitchen tools and utensils can seem like over-extravagance but they have their benefits. Many of these tools and utensils last longer because of marble’s high durability. It’s a fun and classy way to add style to within the small details.


  1. Marble Accent Decor


Last but not least, marble accent decor is a must-follow trend for 2019. Adding a touch of marble decor to your living room, bedroom, or bathroom adds prestige, purity, and class. Because of marble’s smooth and lighter toned look, it can help to brighten up space. Consider purchasing marble picture frames and even marble covered clocks for pops of lightness around the room. It’s also the perfect way to draw attention to a certain area in the room.

 Marble Art Piece

Another cute way to make a room seem inviting and bright is to plant your favorite green plants or flowers into marble pots. These pots come in all shapes and sizes, from mini planters to large vases. The combination and contrast of green with the lightness of the marble creates a beautiful and calming look.


Marble Galore


Don’t shy away from 2019’s marble accessory trends. You don’t have to stick with only marble countertops anymore. Take any room in your home from zero to hero by adding marble accents around the house. Following the top 5 Marble Accessory Trends of 2019 will instantly beautify your home and give it that luxurious look that you and your house deserve.

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