A Complete Guide for Selecting Marble Designs

A Complete Guide for Selecting Marble Designs

February 24, 2019

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A Simple Guide for Selecting Marble Designs

Marble has and always had an unrivaled presence in the interior designing world. It's carried that luxury elegant appeal for centuries.  The beauty of marble is not just in it's distinct characteristic and artistic flow.  But there is a piece, a style that fits everyone.  Some find the busy veins through a clear white background stylish and appealing, others may prefer a clean simple look.

Before you plan for which piece and style to go for with natural marble, learn what should be added and what should be avoided while making a choice of the stone. Here, we have brought to you a simple guide to help you select the perfect natural marble piece:

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The Timeless Elegance

As per the trends, the classic white marble remains the top choice when it comes to selecting any sort of decoration piece. This snowy look has been luring marble fans for years, and the craze is nowhere fading. While making the selection you will come across varying cuts in style as you explore deep into the quarry. Each of it has its unique elegance and can be selected according to the budget and requirement. As long you know what to expect out of these white marble designs, they can be an elegant choice for home interior or product selection that can last a lifetime. Here are some factors to look for while selecting these veiny stones:

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Natural marble comes in hundreds if not thousands of varieties and each of it has its boundless elegance. Green, gold, taupe, black, and red, purple, blue, and the list goes on.  This is why so many people go to a designer or stone specialist to select.  The easiest way is to slowly narrow down what you like and don't like, starting with color.  Narrow down to a few colors that you prefer, and from there decide if you want a veiny marble or less veiny.  As you slowly deduce the selection in marble categories, you can eventually come to a piece that belongs to you.


When it comes to veining, there are certain types of patterns of stone and is usually differentiate by cross cut and vein cut. These patterns are utilized to give a certain look to your design, whether home interior, furniture and luxury fashion products. While the cross cut will impart an open flowered pattern, the vein cut allows you to achieve the linear and striped appearance.


Technology has brought a wave in the marble industry, enabling the use of several tools to attain certain types of finishes. The honed and polished technique are one of the more popular options leveraged by the artisans. Most people love that glossy clean feel to bring out the rich colors of the natural stone.  However, artists, designers sometimes do enjoy trying different finishes to stand apart from the general population, using leathered finish, sandblast, textured, and so on. The honed finish is also a famous choice imparting a matte appearance to the whole interior. The honed finish is recommended because it hides the natural etching of the natural material.


Since we are dealing with a natural material, the base color may vary from piece to piece.  Many times we come across questions and frustrations that one piece is more yellow than the other when it comes to white marble.  It's not that it's yellow, but when you put a really white marble piece next to a slightly less white marble, the less white appears to be yellow in comparison.  So if separated, you don't "discover" this issue.  It's not the issue of the stone, just there are so many shades in the marble quarry. And since it is a natural material, there is no way to control the outcome.

The best part about working with natural marble is whether it is an accessory or kitchen slab, it can always be re-polished. So, if you feel the interior needs a new touch, go for it without any hesitation.

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