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Marble Business Cards – 5 Reasons They’re A Great Upgrade

April 22, 2020

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Many may perceive business cards to be an obsolete business tool, but this is where you can take advantage of that misperception. Yes, we have been driven towards a digital world and LinkedIn has been promoted to the new "business cards". 

However, there isn't a digital substitute for in-person events yet! But who knows...with this COVID-19 pandemic, we may all start socializing on Zoom after it is all over. 

Business cards have been the way of exchanging information during any tradeshow, networking event or social gathering. It still can't be replaced by social networks alone to connect with potential customers.

As you are well aware, the majority of the business cards you receive are made from paper and sometimes plastic.  But because they are so common, just like as easy it is to add a stranger from a networking event on LinkedIn that it doesn't make a strong impression.  Now think for a moment, if someone handed you a genuine marble business card, how would you react?

Would it make a lasting impression even in an age of constant distraction and digital dominance? 

So here are 5 reasons why we think you should make an upgrade:

1. Stand Out In a Crowd

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Paper and plastic business cards are everywhere.  Some people have taken the next step and utilized metal cards, wood cards or carbon fiber business cards for their branding which several companies provide.  At the moment, we are the only company in the world that supplies real marble business cards.  This means, your marble business card is almost guaranteed to stand out from a crowd just by the rarity alone!

Moreover, 39% of people get an instant bad impression when companies provide a cheap-looking business card.

So in contrast, genuine marble business cards will provide elegance, luxury, and exclusivity that it has already carried for thousands of years. 

And just like paper, plastic, wood, and metal business cards, marble cards are highly customizable. The best part is that there are thousands of marble colors to choose from if you want to constantly change your style. Some customers like to customize shapes, finishes and certain designs. All we need is to match your imagination and bring it into reality.

2. Always Securely Kept

Think about how many business cards you've received over the years and have no idea who they are and end up in the recycle bin.  If you can't make an impression during those networking events, you hope at least your business card will remain in some folder or library and not the trash.  But if you have that kind of business card, you might as well save money and just write down an email address for your customer in the future.  

marble business card

But a marble card feels valuable enough that people aren't likely to toss them. Also due to the slight weight it carries, people tend to keep them safe because it feels that it's worth more. Even if the marble card came from an intern, I am pretty sure you will still keep it around and tell everyone how you got this fancy marble card from an intern. 

3. More Durable Than You Think

To most people, if you told them about a marble business card that is as thin as  Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, immediately their thoughts are it's fragile or not possible. And with this thinking, it is actually even more beneficial for you when you blow their minds away when they hold one in their hands. 

We live in a world with electric cars, flying in outer space, and flying cars. Yet, those are easier to believe than a piece of thin durable marble with all the technological power and knowledge we possess.  

Marble cards not only last forever, but they also don't fade like paper and plastic. Compared to metal cards, it has a more stylish and luxury feel to it.  Just imagine how marble is used and how metal is used?  If you were ever going to renovate your shower wall, will you ever think I want metal walls or do you think marble walls? 

This is important because it creates a psychological impact on your communication and impression of your company brand and personal brand. 

4. Be Environmentally Friendly

Since the marble cards are 100% genuine marble, how it is produced, used and recycled is very environmentally friendly.  Of course, that can also be said about paper cards, wood cards, and metal business cards. 

Being eco-friendly is a core philosophy at MIKOL.  The company was founded to raise awareness of the eco-friendly option of utilizing thin marble through its products.  This idea eventually grew to where it is today and we hope it'll gain more traction where the building industry gets involved as well.


5. Conversational Starter

marble business cards

A good conversation starter can transform an awkward, stilted conversation into an interesting, enjoyable discussion. This is vital for people in sales, as having well-prepared conversation starters up your sleeve will help you form connections with prospects, referrals, and potential customers.   

Business cards will rarely be a conversation starter just cause there isn't anything special to talk about. There's no exchange of knowledge.  

But the moment you hand out a marble business card, the person receiving it immediately will spark a question about the card and start the conversation for you.  

The person receiving the marble business card or membership card will feel instantly valued.  Especially because these cards aren't just something you give out to anyone. 

metal business cards

Marble business cards create an aura of exclusivity that encourages conversation and makes prospective clients feel valued. They’re also highly durable, better for the environment, and almost no one is ever going to throw them away.

MIKOL Marble Cards provides the finest quality marble business and membership cards to bring your branding to a new level of exclusivity. Contact us today to find out more.

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