There are so many different types of marbles, and they all carry a stunningly beautiful and luxurious look unique in their own way.

The use in architecture, furniture, tableware and now to lifestyle fashion accessories as well as tech accessories.  

A style that fits all, whether you enjoy a more traditional marble fireplace found in Georgian homes, a more middle eastern look with waterjet carvings and mosaic patterns to the popular contemporary marble bathrooms.  The different marble trends over the years have weathered through and will continue to do so with more and more new found quarries.  

Also, as the marble blocks are extracted over the years, the color, the tones, the pattern of the marble changes as quarriers get deeper into the mountain.  

Here are 5 reasons most people absolutely love marble:

1. The Class & Elegance

Marble Notebooks

As you can see, you don't need much for these pieces to stand out. The natural beauty of the marble veining captures the attention immediately being the centerpiece. Everything around the marble simply compliments the beauty.  For interior design, a simple bedroom can look effortlessly stylish with these subtle veins through its base color.

Choosing a nice Carrara white marble matched with a warm wood and textured linen will really warm up the bedroom perfectly.

2. Add a luxurious touch to your home with a marble fireplace

Onyx fireplace

Marble is no stranger to interior decoration with designers.  The resistance to heat has made it a popular choice for fire surrounds.  Whether you want traditional, contemporary, Victorian and so on, there is plenty of styles of marble fireplaces to choose from.  


The one in the photo is a backlit piece that enhances the look of the marble.  This designer did a great job of focusing on the stones beauty, especially since fireplaces are the center of attention in a room.

3. Bookmatching marble slabs

Marble Bookmatch

If you have the time and extra money to spend, bookmatching marble slabs is always a good choice. It aligns the veins together creating a masterpiece! As you can see the effects of it is stunning!  Imagine these as a centerpiece of your bathroom showers or an entrance wall welcoming you. 


4. It matches great with other materials.

Marble Clutch Purse


Interior designs love matching marble with other materials, especially in the kitchen. Depending on the trend, it can be chrome, copper or brass.  It also goes great with wood if you are going for that high-end rustic look that you would typically find at restoration hardware. Here we have matched the traditional Spanish Nero Marquina marble with a nice gold border and a strap to go with this clutch.  As you can see, it's simple yet very elegant to the eye.  

5. Fun ways marble is used now!

Marble Chair Custom Marble Throne

Marble iPhone XS Case

Marble iPhone XS Case

Marble Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist Wallet (Shatterproof technology)

Marble Art Piece

Geometric Marble Cut Art Piece

Marble Stickers

Marble Stickers

Marble Business Cards

Marble Business Cards

Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad

Marble Poker Cards

Marble Poker Cards

From beautiful book matched marble wall pieces, to luxurious marble fireplaces along with stunning marble furniture and interiors.  Through technology, we've overcome the weight issue of natural marble as well as the fragility and durability of the material.  Throne-like marble chairs, to luxury tech accessories utilizing marble as well as fashion statement pieces that are functional and stylish.

Will you be adding any marble to your life?