Summer Free Giveaway Special!

Summer Free Giveaway Special!

May 23, 2018


Summer Fashion

Hello everyone!! Summer is here and we want to celebrate! Ok, so we like to find any excuse we can to celebrate and have fun!  But why not?!

So what's happening?!

We are are launching the world's first REAL marble minimalist wallets this summer!

But we need your help to spread the word and build up the hype with us!  In return, we are giving away free bracelets to anyone that likes and shares our page on facebook as well as Instagram. Only part is, we need you to cover our standard shipping cost.  

This little special will last until first week of June! Or the first 500 bracelets, whichever comes first!

Here is an example below:

You must be wondering, marble wallets?!?! Must be heavy and fragile.

Emerald Green marble wallet

The thickness is roughly the same as 3 credit cards stacked up together. 

The weight is roughly the same as 3 chase sapphire credit cards.

Next question is the durability of the marble. Well, we do live in an age where technology is thriving.  And using modern technology, we were able to create marble pieces that are shatterproof.

You can easily youtube our marble poker cards and see that they can be dropped.

We personally like to put up to 6 cards which seems to be optimal. Although you can stack up to 15 cards, that defeats the purpose of a minimalist wallet a little bit. 

But everyone has their own style.

We personally like to have just the important cards such as drivers license, debit card, one or two credit cards and maybe a Starbucks gift card as well, or those who ride the subway.  

Then maybe twenty to forty dollars worth of bills tucked away in the elastic band.

Slim, convenient to carry and use.  It can slip right in our front pocket, side pocket or even purse for women.

The geometric shapes were designed for aesthetic features. But they were also are designed for functionality as well.  The bottom cut allows your thumb to fit comfortably and slide up the credit cards. The top part, you can easily extract the cards or bend them open a little to see which ard you prefer.


And as mentioned, the magical elastic band holds cash very well and allows easy access when needed.

Lastly, why marble? For one, it's what we are really good at producing. Second, if you've been following us, you know we love marble because it's always different. Meaning every wallet produced will always have its own unique patterning. 

Wallet Collection

Mostly, we see a lot of the minimalist wallets that are very functional. But unlike regular wallets, we haven't really seen any fashionable minimalist wallets.  This is an area we wanted to fit into.  A minimalist wallet that is stylish, fashionable and also easy to use.

Now, I am saving the best for last!

After the promotion of the bracelet giveaway! Whoever has the most shares and likes will receive a FREE WALLET! 

Good luck to you all, and have fun while doing it! 

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