World's First Real Marble Poker Cards

World's First Real Marble Poker Cards

January 10, 2018

The marble fashion accessory firm Mikol has introduced a new set of luxury poker cards that will capture any poker players out there.  The cards are made from high-quality Spanish Nero Marquina marble.  Yes! Real marble!  Each playing card is the same thickness as a chase sapphire reserve credit card, so they are thicker than your average deck, but not obtrusive marble slabs.

Despite how thin the cards are, Mikol has demonstrated that upon dropping the cards, they are durable enough to absorb the impact. Each piece is carefully sanded by hand and then laser etched to perfection for playing.  This may not be your everyday playing set, but it certainly leaves a memorable impression on your poker guests.

Mikol has created a full deck which is priced at $775, but you can also purchase a collection of four aces for just $75. You may remember that just last year the San Francisco based company debuted their luxurious marble business cards as well.

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