MIKOL Marble Business Cards on Luxury Launches

August 22, 2016 1 Comment

This week MIKOL was featured in Luxury Launches for our Marmi Business Cards Collection! Check out the article below:

"Marble has been taking over the design world for a while now. You’ve seen the marble inspired phone cases, the laptops, the journals, and even the surfboards, but with a few notable exceptions these are mostly marble prints and designs. A San Francisco based design company called Mikol, is changing the game by introducing business cards created from real marble rock.

marble business cards
It’s a pretty wild idea, and at first it makes you picture something outlandish, heavy and overall inconvenient. But in reality, the marble business cards are actually quite sleek and compact. Presumably, they will be much heavier than the average cardstock business card, but they’re also unique and pretty memorable.

Like any business card, they advertise your name and contact details, and a logo if you have one. For VIP clients, the company is even willing to seek out particular colors or designs to create custom business cards. Although, even if you decide to opt for one of their stock colors of black (Nero Marquina), white (Carrara White) and beige (Light Emperador), rest assured each card is as good as a custom piece as no two cards will have the same marbling design.

Mikol offers twenty marble business cards (in any color) for $125, but the more you buy the cheaper they are with 200 cards priced at $950. Mikol also incorporates marble into other items including notebooks, phone cases, cufflinks and bow ties. If marble is not to your taste though, check out other unorthodox options including carbon fibre and even an ultra-luxe custom design studded with diamonds."

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Paulina Pilarova
Paulina Pilarova

August 26, 2016

Absolutely exclusive original nice and wonderful well done

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