6 Gifts to Give That Will Change Someone's Life for the Better

6 Gifts to Give That Will Change Someone's Life for the Better

December 05, 2023

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Everybody loves receiving a gift, and everyone loves giving an excellent gift. However, choosing the wrong gift can contribute to unnecessary waste. It also feels so warming to give someone a present that you know they will utilize, love, and enjoy.


We've compiled a list of a few gift ideas to get someone that won't only provide them with a new goodie, but to enrich their life further. You never know, one present could amount to great things!


1) Get Them Sussed with a Class


Material gifts aren't always the way forward. We've all been given a gift before that ends up sitting under the bed for many years. There's just no point getting someone something they'll never use.


An experience, like a class, can be good fun, as well as educational. Try and get to know a bit more about your recipient (if you don't already) and think about what class would suit them best. Cookery, creative writing, pottery, and cocktail making classes are just some of the exciting ideas. Why not go with them? This is a great way to strengthen a relationship and create a lasting memory.


2) Instrumental Intuition


It might be a long shot, but getting someone a musical instrument can be an incredibly grand and life-changing gesture. Choosing the right instrument can be tricky, yet you may be gifting someone with a passion they never even knew they had.


guitar playing 

It'll be best to get an instrument that isn't too pricey and is more accessible to learn. Guitar, ukulele, or keyboard are good options. A drum kit can also be a wildly exhilarating choice, and if you need a hand with knowing which one, check out this drum set review 2019. They may be the next Dave Grohl.


3) Jot with a Journal

marble notebook planner 

Writing is therapeutic, and just about anyone can do it! Sometimes, we all need a platform to scribble away our thoughts. Maybe this is the prompt a blossoming writer needs to begin their story. We have some gorgeous marble designs on our site to make the journal even more enticing.


4) Make a Donation!


This isn't necessarily a gift for your recipient, but it's a gift to them. We are as a society, becoming more aware of the wrongs in the world, and we realize the things we need to change. 


Donating to charity, or even a monthly sponsor will be such a humbling and beautiful act of kindness. Try and choose an organization that means a lot to the person you're giving it to. You will be sure to see a big smile on their face. 


5) Self-Care Kit


Sometimes, we all forget to look after ourselves. Our busy working lives and scarce free-time means me-time can often get neglected. Remind someone of their worthiness with a gorgeous self-care kit.


This can be a little hamper you make up yourself – which you could fill with face masks, essential oils, and body balm – or a relaxation kit found in a store. Anything that will encourage someone to unwind and spend some time alone can be beneficial. Hopefully, this will guide the way for them to set up a regular and healthy routine of self-care!


6) Ramp Up the Reading

Reading Book 

It doesn't sound life-changing, but anyone who has read a genuinely inspiring book will know how much of an incredible impact it can have.


If this person is already an avid reader, try and coax out of them what books they'd like to read, or get them a classic. If they're new to reading, get them something relatively easy-going but still remarkable.


You don't have to spend lots of money to get a gift that will have a positive impact on someone. Do your research, not just on a gift but on your recipient. Let's say goodbye to the gifts we don't need.


Guest post by: Scott Law

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