5 Reasons You Should be Carrying a Notebook

5 Reasons You Should be Carrying a Notebook

January 21, 2019

Technology has transformed our lives mostly for the better.  But there are still benefits to occasionally revert back to a trusty notebook.  Let's take a look at 5 solid reasons to use a physical paper notebook:



My iPhone has become my life! And I'm sure many of you are relying heavily on your smartphones for work and personal life. 

Studies have shown that overusing your smartphone is not only damaging to your vision, but it also leads to sleep issues, anxiety, decreased productivity and many other issues. Instead of having the habit of checking your iPhone for new notifications every few minutes. It is suggested to take a break and focus on other activities.  Using a paper notebook forces you to use other parts of your brain and also forcing you to disconnect from your phone.

Here are 7 reasons why writing benefits the brain. If you don't' know where to start, you can always begin with using a notebook as a planner or organizer.  Slowly write down little thoughts, ideas or daily activities just to build up those good habits.  Over time, it will trigger the creative areas of your brain where information flow will become more natural.

The important part is starting and setting a daily routine to build up those good habits. Think of it like going to the gym to work out your muscles. Your brain is the same, it needs to be worked out and it needs a consistent schedule to get "fit". 


Having a notebook around is a great way to maintain those writing skills.  Studies have shown that writing by hand improves memory, stronger ability to process information and think faster compared to typing.  

It'll feel uncomfortable at first, but there are huge benefits to writing. Jotting down your thoughts or small notes in your notebook is a great way to reinvigorate parts of your brain that haven't been used in a while when you use technology. 

Technology has simplified our lives in many ways, it also has simplified our thinking, making it very easy and accessible.  Depending on your age, if you remember your mother telling you watching Tv makes you dumb.  Although not entirely true, the reason behind it is because it's a brainless activity. In order for your brain to grow, you not only need new information, but to actually think and solve problems.  To give it a bit of a challenge.

If you want to learn more about important tips to start journaling, you can read more here.


One of the most practical reasons I carry a notebook around is to use it as a memory aid. It's the perfect place to jot down something and refer back to it later.  Yes, you can do the same on your iPhone. But for the creative souls, there is just something missing on a digital app compared to a paper notebook.  The creativity flows onto the paper with words, diagrams, and drawings that bring together this creative unity.  


Keeping a journal has shown to combat mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.  It allows people an avenue to express their inner thoughts, fears, desires freely.  On top of that, it helps the individual identify any negative thought patterns and so they can track their progress.   You can see how you were feeling in the past and revert back to your memories through this journaling technique to reflect. It may be troublesome at first carrying a notebook around and physically writing.  The best method is to dedicate 15 minutes of your day to writing.  It's always about building proper habits or "rituals".


If you can properly document your life activities, thoughts, emotions, and ideas into a journal. This notebook will act as a time machine that you can always revert back to. It provides easy access to a certain time period of your life.  You will find a deeper connection to this memory after seeing how you were writing at that moment, and reflecting on how you were feeling.  These emotions are harder to arouse with a digital print.  Give it a try for a couple months and see where this journey takes you.  

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