15 Men's Wardrobe essentials

15 Men's Wardrobe essentials

June 22, 2016 2 Comments

Haven't you heard - first impressions last. How you look, your posture, stature, all matters and will be analyzed at an instant when you first meet a stranger. These impressions will give you away. With these items in your closet, you'll be prepared for virtually any situation. 

  1. Shoes. Of all your measurements, your shoe size will remain the most constant over the course of your life. Find a quality pair of black leather loafers and make the investment. 

  2. A suit. If you purchase just one, choose a classic dark suit that will lend itself to a variety of events. Spend a few extra bucks to have the suit properly tailored. 
  3. A tuxedo. Celebrate your twenty-fifth birthday by purchasing a classic two-button tuxedo with notch lapels. This look never goes out of style. In the long run, it's smarter to own than to rent. Side note, if it's good enough for 007, then its good enough for you. 
  4. Dress shirts.  A white shirt is a safe and classic option. Supplement with other colors and patterns that complement your personal style. Dry clean your dress shirts without starch and have them pressed by hand. They will look crisper and last longer. 
  5. Belts. In most cases, your belt color should match your shoes. Black with black Brown with brown.
  6. Socks. These are a subtle, understated means for expressing your personality. Women notice them and admire the attention to details. Choose from solids, stripes, argyle, or polka dots, to name a few of the available patterns. Or, go crazy like myself and don't even wear socks, women notice that too, minus the smell. 
  7. Ties. If you are reading this on our site, it had better be a bow tie. They can say a lot about your personality. Having too many bow ties is NOT a bad thing.
  8. Jeans. Darker jeans look more formal and can be adapted to a variety of situations. No rips. No fraying. Unless you are a rips and fraying kinda guy.

  9. Chinos. The basics would obviously be a darker khaki color. But feel free to experiment with color. Ladies will most definitely notice this as well. I speak from experience here. 
  10. T-shirts. A white tee paired with denim is a nice, classic, casual look. mid-cut V-necks are our weapon of choice. 
  11. Polo shirts. A polo shirt has its place as a classic and versatile look. Truth be told, here at Ella Bing, we are not the biggest fans of them. Just not our style. 

  12. Sweaters. Sweaters are good for layering over a collard shirt in the winter or as a stand alone item in the spring. A charcoal grey V-neck goes well with a suit, denim or chinos. 
  13. Underwear. Choose from boxers, briefs, or don't wear them at all. This is all about personal preference and comfort. 
  14. Sneakers. Gym only please. 
  15. A briefcase. Choose a briefcase that matches your work attire. A backpack is fine for jeans, but a leather bag is a must when wearing a suit. 



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Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell

June 30, 2016

Yeah, that would be nice. I hate ironing my shirt. Must agree with you David.

David Kelsall
David Kelsall

June 25, 2016

I agree about the fact the t-shirts should always be v-neck and I would add about chinos that you should pay attention to the soft, sub – moleskin feel of the cloth. Also: I have learned over the years that when I really really want a shirt to stand up to scrutiny, I press it myself. OCD? Maybe, but I made myself an expert in leaner times and now I only trust myself in extreme circumstances. Otherwise, if you can afford it, never iron a shirt yourself. Routine ironing, unless (as with my sister) you find it a soothing break from livestock) is the vilest grind in the world.

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