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Natural Stones To Choose For a Minimalistic Design

February 12, 2020

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Marble is a bold and awe-inspiring element of nature that carries a long history. This natural stone dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian cultures, Romans, Greeks and to this day it still carries its popularity.  It is traditionally used in art, architecture, and furniture.  It modern times through the help of technology you can see marble in phone cases, notebooks, business cards and eventually car interiors

Marble is a natural material as you know that carries incredible strength and durability as well as its alluring aesthetic features. 

Many of today's top designers choose to utilize this incredible stone in a subtle way that brings a refined contemporary look of modernism without being overly opulent. 

When you are designing your home, there is no need to overwhelm yourself or your home entirely with marble to feel grand.  Start with choosing the areas that marble would complement the environment, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and entrance of your home.

Tray with marble

Add a taste of Scandinavian chic to your dining table with marble serving trays and cutting boards, as well as bowls for spices. A serving tray with classic marble veining will elevate a table's essentials from merely functional to truly fashionable. Be selective in incorporating marble décor into your home design and apply it in small doses. Decorative accents, statement pieces, and understand where the human eye will automatically gravitate towards when they enter each room. 

The minimalist interior design approach is to bring balance by reducing the amount of clutter in our homes. The objective is to promote spacious rooms, relaxed feeling, and comfort with a focus on natural materials.  

Modern minimalism dances around geometric shapes, neutral colors, and natural textures that give the room warmth. Minimalism is also a philosophy, a way of living.  Your walls and floors should be natural and easy to clean and maintain.  This is why most minimalist homes have wooden or marble floors. 

Why most designers recommend natural stones because it is more durable and resists better to the elements of wear and tear. 

Selecting the right stone for a minimalist design

marble slab selection

There are thousands of stones to choose from all over the world.  The primary elements to consider when choosing a stone is the color, texture, and tonality.  You want it to be simple, freeing and welcoming.  Stones generally give off a cold feeling when it comes to design. That is why matching your designs with the right stones will ensure the warmth you need at home.


You must narrow down which colors fit the design of your room.  The good thing about natural stones is that it has an array of options. There are features of black, grey, white, beige and many more.  These colors are known to promote calm and serenity in the environment which makes them excellent choices for minimalist interior designs. 

white marble kitchen

White marble has been quite popular for several years already because it makes the space feel clean and exquisite.  There is actually a psychology personality about white that can help with designing spaces. White is often associated with a note of elegance, purity and difficult to obtain.

The Italian Carrara white has been an extremely popular option for thousands of years. It has a beautiful white background with rain splash veins that are stunning. This is your fall to stone if all else fails. 

nero marquina kitchen

But if you choose to go with a dark color such as Nero Marquina from Spain, it will make for a fantastic background while highlighting the other nuances used. A black marble kitchen is perfect for a minimalist style setting matched with brass handles. 


Black marble is also terrific in bathroom designs because of its sleek and mystery feel. 


The basic principles of minimalism are clean, easy, and simple. Aside from the aesthetic views, maintenance and cleaning of your homes should be to minimal.  

Natural stones have beautiful textures, you can choose to have a smooth marble touch with a perfect polish or a rugged beauty of travertine.  But make sure the function of the material is suited for the environment.  You would never want to have a travertine countertop, not only because of durability. But the holes could capture food particles and such which make it difficult to clean and maintain.


Calcutta marble sink 



There is a plethora of lines, patterns, and veins depending on which natural stone you choose from.

China marble slab

Minimalist designs are all about these veins and patterns. A well-trained designer knows how to create a harmonious combination to fit nature's perfect art piece into your living space.

The artistic look of each marble piece can be "displayed" in countertops, backsplashes to floors and walls. They are often highlighted as the focal piece of your room.

minimalist marble kitchen

After thousands of years, it doesn't seem like marble has lost its popularity. 


There are several benefits to the minimalist approach which is why it as also grown in popularity.  The philosophy allows you to declutter physically as well as mentally. It helps organize spaces so that it can invite productivity and focus in your house.  Minimalism is to help you feel relaxed and balanced. 

The minimalist approach is more and more popular these days, and that is due to its many benefits. Starting with a more organized space that invites to focus and productivity and ending with a house that helps you feel relaxed and balanced this trend can have a strong influence on our lives.


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