Marble Leather Cigar Bag

World's First Real Marble + Leather Cigar Bag

June 18, 2021

For cigar aficionados on the go, transporting your favorite smokes and cigar accessories around can be a hassle. Filling up a bag with loose cigars, pockets filled with a lighter and cigar cutter can feel quite cumbersome. That's why many people invest in a proper cigar organizer. 

Cigar organizer

Which is whys our team at MIKOL is very excited to share with you the World's first cigar organizer that combines genuine leather and real Spanish marble.  Unlike our previous products, this item was nowhere in site of being developed. 

During one of our founder's business trip, he met up some friends at a nice high end lounge after a dinner meeting.  There in the group, he met LA product designer Alex Z who opened up a sleek cigar bag and offered him various cigars to choose from.  Our founder Mikey who also enjoys a nice Cuban cigar quickly found a common topic with Alex.  

Alex then started explaining how he has tried many cigar organizers and that some are too bulky, too uncomfortable, looked cheap or simply way overpriced. In the end, he designed his own bag and had one of the factories he was working with to develop a prototype for him as personal use. 

And of course Mikey explained to him the background of MIKOL as well as our ultra thin flexible marble technology.  

Fast forward a year, Mikey and Alex discussed the potential of combining marble and leather to produce a sleek, luxurious and functional cigar bag that is affordable.  They both wanted to create a cigar bag that can properly organize all your cigar accessories, and also have a unique design that stands out from the crowd. 

Maybe because it was during the Covid pandemic. They both had a lot of time to brainstorm.  

By early 2021, they have worked on several prototypes and design styles for the cigar case. The result is the Marquina Cigar Bag.  This cigar organizer is big enough to fit all the necessary tools and include a variety of good smokes without hindering its aesthetic beauty. 

You'll find the exterior leather soft and comfortable to hold. It is matched with our signature Spanish marble that has a slight flex so it squeezes perfectly between your arms. 

The leather in combination with the marble adds extra protection for your valuable cigars and accessories with style. The accessory pouches have a magnetic closure lock for ease of opening and closing with one hand. We have 2 sizes of pouches made for traditional cigar cutters and lighters. Then there is a larger pouch for more unconventional odd shaped cutters and lighters that hold more fuel for the true aficionados.

cigar holder

This organizer includes a cigar holder that is capable of holding 5 Churchill sized cigars.

There is an elastic band with a marble setting on top for extra storage to carry thin cutters and cigar scissors. It even has enough room to throw in a boveda pack to keep your cigars in the correct humidity during your travels with a water resistant zipper. Yes, the entire bag is water resistant and that will help with keeping your cigars humidified for a longer period of time whether it’s a night out with the boys or a long weekend getaway.

cigar case accessories

The cigar organizer is slightly bigger than a standard notebook,  therefore easy  to bring along with you as you go.  It makes for a perfect gift to any cigar aficionado, novice or advanced cigar lover. The leather will age with a nice patina over time if treated with care. The handle on the back side makes carrying the MARQUINA LEATHER CIGAR CASE a breeze and will allow you to have your fingers free while safely carrying the case from its handle.

Our team has focused on every little detail and stitch to create this cigar bag.  The most difficult area was combining the natural marble and allowing to fuse with the leather.

We are very excited to have the cigar community test out this product!


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