Top 7 gift ideas for him this year

November 16, 2022

 Present - gift giving

Holiday season is right around the corner! We have Thanksgiving and Christmas coming along!

Love that holiday spirit this time around!

The frustrating part is figuring out what the right gift for that special person is.  And for some of us, we also want to stay within a certain budget.  So finding a presentable gift that he will love is a bit troubling for many people this time of the year.



Not to worry! We have compiled a short and exciting list recommendation that he will like!


1.  One of our top selection is the new Macbook pro!  Apple just released it and many of us are still on the wait list.  Not only is it lighter, faster, and more powerful, it also has a new touch bar! This maybe  on the pricier side though.

macbook Pro


2.  Classics are always a safe consistent gift to provide.  Finding a nice tie for his business meeting or special event to attend.  Matched with a clean tie bar.  This can be easily found at your local department stores, ranging from Macy's, Nordstroms, Neiman Marucs, Barney's, etc.

Men's Tie 

3.  If you really want to make him feel special, then finding a nice timepiece will be perfect!  This is almost a guaranteed home run. Not only will he be excited, he will be sharing this news with his friends which gives you major points as the coolest girl ever.

Unfortunately, timepieces have a huge range in price!  Of course there is always the classic Rolex option.  Some other nice watches are Audmeyer Piaget, IWC, Hublot, Mont Blanc, but are a bit more costly.  Tissot are a bit more affordable and have some very nice functions and designs.  Lately, what's popular and more affordable watches are Daniel Wellington. 

fashion man wristwatch model 

4.  Everyone thinks that it has to be a product, but it could also be an experience. Getting a nice vacation package to a destination where both of you can enjoy.  The thought of being away and relaxing is just as exciting as having an actual product on hand.  Plus, you will get to enjoy the benefit of that as well. So you kill two birds with one stone!

Vacation Getaway 

5.  If your boy is a techy, there has been a big hype on drones for the past year.  


6. Speaking of tech products, VR has been another huge hit recently.  Getting a pair of VR goggles for him to play around with or watch movies.  Popular options are Oculus and HTC goggles.  But there are also other brands that offer a better price which can easily be found on Amazon.

 Virtual Reality Goggles

7.  If your man is more into style, then find a nice leather handbag for his everyday use.  There are plenty of options out there depending on what style he enjoys.  If you visit the nearby outlet, Coach Men is always having discounts on nice leather bags.  Or for something nicer, Mont Blanc also has a great leather goods section to explore.


mens leather handbag

Hope this list is helpful!  For other tips, feel free to check out our blog

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