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Top 7 Cities For A Weed-Friendly Vacation

September 01, 2020


Exploring the wonders of nature is a dream for every globetrotter out there. Whether it's the tranquility of snow-capped mountains or the sounds of high tides by the beach shore, every natural aesthetic has its charm. In case you like to smoke a pot amidst nature, you might head to the 420-friendly cities all over the globe. What could be better than enjoying your favorite strain in front of a breath-taking snow-capped mountain range? Get ready to experience the best high in cannabis cafes and appreciate the intricacies of works in an art museum.


Here are the top weed-friendly cities that every stoner must explore and get high in.

1.      Lisbon, Portugal


When it comes to stunning landscapes and mouth-watering delicacies, the Portuguese cities often top the list. One such city is the capital of Portugal, i.e., Lisbon. From the attractive cannabis cafes to breath-taking street art, Lisbon has it all. The place also offers top-notch weed experiences for the potheads as the administration decriminalized weed back in 2001. You can smoke some weed amidst the popular natural sites like Takashi Amano Forests, Parque Natural do Litoral Norte, and many more. Along with this, the creative street art might fascinate you even more after a heavy trip. 

2.      Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

If there is one weed-friendly place that you must cover, then that is Amsterdam. The region boasts the perfect blend of nature, culture, and nightlife for the stoners out there. From the stunning canals to the high-rise skyscrapers, you are likely to find everything here. Also, you can grab the mouth-watering coffee and score some pot at the same time. Make sure to pair it with some munchie food that the coffee shops offer. Also, try the versatile strains available in the city at the ecstatic attractions like the Emperor's Canal or Amstelpark. You must end your trip with a tour of the famous museums and the best weed high.

3.      Barcelona, Spain





Here’s the city that holds the world’s largest cannabis gathering featuring stoners worldwide. If you’re a pothead, make sure to experience the Spannabis at least once in your entire life. You get to enjoy the nightlife at cannabis clubs and achieve the best smoking experience ever. However, you need to plan way ahead as the clubs require a membership. Also, your membership application activates after around two weeks. Along with the weed, make sure to try out the gastronomic vibe of the city. Try out the delicious Paellas and Croquettas to allure your taste buds.

4.      Denver, Colorado


When it comes to exploring the weed-friendly cities, Denver often occupies the top positions. You might explore the antiquities of the place that legalized cannabis long ago. Every pothead needs to try out bed and breakfast featuring the best weed strains in the region. Along with this, you might find some green gardens to smoke your favorite cannabis variety. Once you become high, you can head out to explore the popular spots and art hubs. Make sure to gaze at the intricacies of the Denver Botanical Gardens and Art Museum after achieving the ultimate high.

5.      Negril, Jamaica



Jamaica is a pothead’s paradise and offers the best travel experience for weed lovers. Due to the culture of the Rastafari religion, cannabis is quite popular and decriminalized in the region. You can grab the best varieties of cannabis with minimal efforts. While the dispensaries in the city don’t offer the herb, you can always find it on the streets’ backside. Get ready to enjoy the hand-rolled pots with a glass of delicious margarita by the turquoise waters. Once you achieve the best high, try out the best scuba-living experience featuring stunning coral reefs and marine wildlife.

6.      Vancouver, Canada


Here’s the city that offers a top-notch weed-friendly experience and the perfect blend of nature. The city is a popular spot for cannabis tourism due to the legalization of the herb for medical and recreational use. Make sure to cover up the popular tourist attractions and meet the cannabis retailers nearby. Not only will it help you get the best variety, but it also enhances your exploration. You must explore Stanley Park and Granville island after smoking a few pots with friends. Afterward, head straight to Blunt Bros and grab the next pot with some mouth-watering hamburgers.

7.      Wellington, New Zealand


It’s about time that you fulfill your pothead fantasies at the stunning island nation of New Zealand. All you need to do is head straight to the city of Wellington. While weed remains illegal on the premises, you can always grab the best variety at the coffee shops’ tiny shacks. Once you score the weed, explore Zealandia ecosanctuary’s natural aesthetics, and observe flora’s minute details. You might also traverse the museums and enjoy a satisfactory art tour.

Final Verdict

Traveling is all about satiating your soul through the marvels of nature. If you’re a pothead, you must sit back and list down the weed-friendly cities worldwide. Plan a cannabis tour to the favorite destinations and enjoy the best high. From Amsterdam’s cannabis cafes to the night clubs offering authentic weed in Barcelona, you can explore it all. Make sure to explore the natural wildlife and flora of the region while you’re high. Not only will it alleviate stress, but it also allows you to cultivate a creative perspective related to the surroundings.


 Guest Post by: Rebecca Siggers

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