Marble Iphone 11 pro max case

New & Improved iPhone 11 Pro Max Marble Case

April 08, 2020

iPhone 11 pro max case

The new iPhone 11 Pro max has some amazing features and if you have just purchased one, I'm sure you would like to protect it as well.  As we all know, these iPhones can be quite slippery and easy to drop.  The last thing you would want is to crack your brand new iPhone screen or the upgraded camera. (No more selfies...)

Since Apple has raised the price tag on mobile phones, we decided to up our protection as well so your investment can have an extra layer of protection without sacrificing style.

For centuries, people have adored natural stones and it doesn't seem to be fading.  As a matter of fact, we appear to love them even more.  Marble has made its way into many modern aesthetic features as well as enhanced functional value. 

If you have followed our designs, you will see that we have left the signature marble design the same.  We believe that nature is the true artist here.  What we altered is the surroundings of the case and how it feels in your hands.

iPhone 11 pro max case border


The Nero Marquina Marble iPhone 11 pro max case comes from the Basque area of Spain.  All the natural qualities of marble have been retained and this makes the product simple and beautiful. And because we have used natural marble, no two mobile phone cases are the same as the patterns will vary. So the one that you possess is unique and nobody else will have a mobile case similar.

Nero marquina marble slab

The stone is known for its jet black background and lightening veins.  Even luxury powerhouse Yves Saint Laurent loves using this marble in their stores. 

If you are a VIP member and want a color of your choice, Mikol can offer a custom marble option or members can work with their design team in finding the perfect color/fit.

marble iphone 11 pro max case

The NERO MARQUINA marble case for the iPhone 11 pro max is protected all around with a classic dark rubber for impact resistance. If your phone is accidentally dropped off your hands and if it falls flat on a surface, you may not have to worry about your phone. Though care should still be taken that your iPhone 11 pro max doesn’t slip and fall.

iphone 11 pro max case

The front face has a slightly raised lip to protect your screen in case it falls on the face of the phone.

When your iPhone is not snapped on this cover, it feels very gentle and lightweight; you can be carefree about this case as it is strong enough to sustain any shock or drop.

The marble is 0.8mm thick, which is the thinner than a credit card. And through our shatterproof technology, it is durable, lightweight and stylish to use.  

This makes it functional in all seasons. Moreover, sides and edges are not made of marble, therefore, there hardly any chance that your iPhone will get damaged if it is dropped off your hands.

A mobile case made of marble can be a great gift to your loved ones. If any of your friends have an iPhone 11 pro max, which you can surprise him/her by sending this case that offers protection, style, and performance.

And since we produce these phone cases ourselves, custom options are available for corporate orders, wedding events or company gifts. 

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