How To Pick The Best iPhone 8 Case

August 28, 2017


With so many selections on the market for iPhone cases, isn't it hard to decide what to use?

Google will provide millions of options which make it even harder to decide. A quick stop to AT&T, T-mobile, Best Buy, Target and so on may not help either since they only carry big brands.

So how do you find or decide what the best iPhone 8 case is for you?

You consider a few important factors.  Does the case look good? Is it within your budget and are there other special features that intrigue you.


1.  Budgeting

With the options we have these days, you can spend quite a bit for an iPhone case, so staying within a comfortable budget is important.  For an iPhone user, you already dropped at least $600 to ~$1000 on a phone.  So buying a cheap case may not be too ideal...
It would be like buying a Ferrari with a poor paint job.  Not recommended.
With that being said, there are plenty of affordable and stylish options on the market that are budget-friendly.   


2. What is Your Lifestyle like?

This is important, because even though iPhone cases have now become a fashionable item.  If you're someone that tends to drop their iPhones alot, goes outdoors, or around rough environments alot, then you would consider something with more protective value.

Or are you in a position of status, fashion, trendy, club scene, etc. Then you would definitely want something that shows who you are.  A case that has personalization options, bling bling, and so on.find a case that offers rugged design features like rounded corners, dual-layer construction, or a protective “lip” to protect the screen. It’s also good to look for rubberized edges that make the case easy to get a grip on with wet hands.

If you are a water type of person, then you would consider a LifeProof case that protects against water. Although...ever since the iPhone 7, the iPhones are water resistant now.  Which may not matter anymore.

3. What Is Your Style

Do you really want a case that looks like everyone else's case? I'm sure most of us want to feel special or stand out.
If the image is an important factor, then you definitely want an iPhone 8 case that has serious visual appeal. For some people, that means a cool design, personalization ability, sparkles, bling or rarity.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, a case with visual panache is a great option.


4. Special Features

Do you care much about the special features in your iPhone 8 case? Many cases have the option of storage for credit cards, built in batteries, kickstand.  However, with these special features, it will add bulk and weight to your phone.  So is style more important or additional comfort?

5. Pick an iPhone 8 Case With the Right Level of Protection

No frills, nothing fancy and just an iPhone case that will protect your beautiful new phone from drops, dings or scratches. Then maybe you should get your new iPhone 8 an otterbox iPhone case who are known to have very sturdy cases and not too expensive.

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