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How to Network in College Like a Pro

April 05, 2023

Can you network in college like a pro? You might think that this is something that you do not need to worry about. Well, this is a mistake you should avoid even if you are a studying and working professional.


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You should start building relationships and meeting people who can help you with your career right from your days in college. Whether business, career, or social relationships, you should ensure that you are using the right strategies to build them.

You never know, your college networks might be the only thing you will need to land your dream job or succeed in your career. So, how do you network like a pro in college?

Start With People Around You

Sometimes, you might find yourself with inadequate time in college. This gets even more serious for entrepreneurs who are back in college to further their studies. Well, even though there is nothing wrong with focusing only on your studies, you should get out of your zone and meet new people on campus every week.

Most colleges are accessed by hundreds or thousands of people every week. These might be students, professors, staff, or even their relatives. You should make sure that you have met a few of them every week and talked about things like careers and entrepreneurship.

Imagine taking a SoFi student loan for business school and then you are not able to advance your entrepreneurship or career because you did not network while still in college! So, get started with networking and begin with the people around you.

Join Campus Organizations

Your college probably has tens or thousands of organizations for learners to join. Of course, you cannot join all these organizations. However, look at all the organizations and choose at least two that match your entrepreneurship requirements.

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Look at the purpose or mission of these organizations and evaluate if they match the pursuits or goals of your career. You will be surprised to find that people who have joined these organizations have the same interests as you.

While these organizations will help you maintain a thriving social circle in college, they will also be vital in helping you network and build lasting relationships in college. You will interact with people that have similar career goals as you. These are the same people you will be interacting with in the entrepreneurship world.

Social Media Platforms Are Important

If you are starting life in college, you might have a lot of time to engage in other activities. This might not be the case for entrepreneurs who have gone back to college for further studies. That notwithstanding, you need to start building your online presence. Did you know that more than half of employers look at online profiles before inviting candidates for interviews?

Well, you can also use social media platforms to network. Ensure that you have followed industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs and find out what they have done to reach where they are in their careers. The best social media platform for professional networking is LinkedIn.

Spend Some Time Off College and Workplace

Going back to college as an entrepreneur does not mean that you have to spend all your days in school and work. Your life should not be confined to moving just within your college, home, and workplace.

Since you have some free time within the week or even on weekends, spend this time off college and the workplace. Look for professional organizations in your area like the Chamber of Commerce, and visit them as often.

Apart from learning about these organizations, what they do, and getting involved in their activities when you attend their meetings and functions, you will also have an opportunity to interact and network with other entrepreneurs.

Your Friends’ Colleagues and Colleagues’ Friends Can Help

Did you know that some of your campus friends’ colleagues and friends of your colleagues might have a lot of experience in entrepreneurship? They might even know a lot of people, organizations, and leaders who can be vital in your networking efforts.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are engaging with these people, then make sure that you are learning a thing or two from them. Ensure that you also ask them any questions that you might have. This might end up being an important conversation for your entrepreneurship journey.

Networking like a pro while in college is not as difficult as most people think. As you can see above, all these strategies are simple and do not require a lot of work to be implemented. Start networking today to build a successful career in the future.

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