Lifestyle and Education: How to Maintain a Thriving Social Circle While in College

Lifestyle and Education: How to Maintain a Thriving Social Circle While in College

April 19, 2022

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Campus life can be lonely without a support system. It is way harder to make friends while in college, especially for introverts. Other students have part-time jobs; others move away while others spend time with their loved ones. Sharing moments with them becomes more challenging, thus making the little ones rare and precious.

Making Friends in College

There is a heap of fun activities you can accomplish while still in college. You can choose to attend a music festival, trying out a new restaurant, going to the movies, or kick back after a full day of classes. Each of these activities is fun with some people by your side.

Sometimes it is easier to connect with classmates while in the classroom setting. However, it becomes harder to connect after class once everyone goes on with their own lives. Some students go to their jobs, others have home tasks. It can be stressful, and can impact people's relationships. Nowadays with the abundant resources available online, students can alleviate some of their time using help from "write my essays" so they can spend more time cultivating meaningful relationships. 

There is no formula for making strong bonds with others in college. It happens naturally and turns into a strong bond. You have to differentiate between a friend and an acquaintance. Your classmate might be your acquaintance because you share a class but not necessarily your friend. It is one mistake most people make in their hunt for close relations.

Maintaining a social network needs time and patience. Furthermore, it would help if you had close contact with your social circle. The chemistry between your friends must be natural. Just like any other relationship, you need to show effort.

Finding a New Social Circle

Congratulations on taking these steps to cultivate a new social circle while on campus. Here are tips you can adopt to help you get through the initial phases.

  1. Developing Your Presence on Campus

It would help if you had a presence on campus. Creating your presence means being noticeable in college. One way you can make an impact is by attending campus events or joining social clubs. Most people are open to connecting with new people or even hooking up.

Social clubs present the perfect place to interact with new people. Sign up to a social club today that shares your core interests.  You can run into people whom you share common interests. You become a familiar face when people are hanging out in their favorite chill spot.

  1. Discover Your Target Audience

Who do you want to hang around? What traits do you search for? Finding your social circle means running into people who share your interests, ideas, hobbies, and social style. It becomes easier to connect with the strangers at a deeper level. All you need to do is carry out in-depth research into your target social circle.

Take, for example; you love listening to music and movies. You can find your crew at a music festival or movie theatre. It becomes easier to connect by your favorite artist, latest releases, or hated artists. You start sharing a common bond with these strangers.

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  1. How to Maintain Your Social Circle

Take the instance; you have less time to meet up for a plan. The less time you spent together, the more the bond breaks. You start becoming strangers again. If assignments are preventing you from hanging out, you can try essay writing services. Here are tips for adopting when maintaining your social circle or eventually finding your future roommate

  1. Showing Up

One thing that maintains a social circle is being there together for each other. Instead of being cooped up all day in your dorm, you can decide to meet up. Show enthusiasm when planning to go to events or other rendezvous.

  1. Reach Out

You need to know how other people are doing. College life can take a toll on any person. Therefore, you need to know how your friend’s day has gone. Show care by thinking of them. You never know what a person is going through. Send a random text to know how they are doing. Give a shoulder to lean on when going through tough times.

  1. Have Fun

You are only in college once. You need to make the most of it. Therefore, ensure you have all the fun. Plan for parties or attend events together while sharing memories. After graduation, these memories will remind you of each other.


Maintaining a social circle calls for setting goals. You need to help each other grow. In the case of sad moments, you need to be there for each other. Maintaining a thriving social circle is not the problem; putting yourself out there is the real problem.


Guest post by: Jody Binge

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