Talking About Your Mental Health to Friends With BetterHelp

Talking About Your Mental Health to Friends With BetterHelp

October 22, 2020


Mental health used to be highly stigmatized, but many people are openly talking about it now. Whether you have anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or another mental health condition, it’s great to be open with your friends about your mental health struggles. However, some individuals are fearful of being themselves. They’re worried that they’ll be judged by their friends for having a mental health condition. Don’t assume that you can’t talk about mental health. You never know what sort of response you’ll get when you open up. 

They will know you better.

You may be afraid to disclose any mental health struggles you have, but it’s important to note that the more candid you are about your mental health, the closer you will become to your friends. They will know you on another level. They will understand you on an intimate level. It’s better to have deep friendships than superficial ones. You can pick and choose what you reveal. You can talk about the fact that you have a therapist. That’s a great way to start. You can then ask if your friends also see a counselor. Take it at your own pace, but just know that the more vulnerable you are, the better they will understand the “real you.”

Vulnerability opens the door to a conversation


You never know what people will reveal to you. When you disclose your mental health struggles, people will likely feel comfortable to share their challenges. You could share that you have panic attacks, and a friend may commiserate. She might have been too scared to say something before, but now she’s comfortable because you opened up. Not everyone will understand, and that’s okay. But that people who get it are real friends. Perhaps they have similar struggles to you. Your friend may have depression and confesses that. It’s great to open up a dialogue about mental health because whether you know it or not, you’re making a societal impact.

What happens if your friends don’t understand?

There’s always a risk that when you talk about mental health, your friends won’t necessarily get it, but that doesn’t make your struggle or experiences any less real. Some people will get you, and some won’t, but it’s worth the risk to talk about your challenges. The more you talk about it, the your confidence and bravery will increase.

Online therapy - where you can freely talk about mental health

If you’re struggling with mental health issues, you can get help in online therapy. It’s an excellent place to discuss mental health concerns. You will never be stigmatized when you talk about your challenges with an online therapist because they are a mental health professional. If you’re struggling to speak to your friends about these concerns, an online therapist can give you strategies to talk to them. You don’t have to cope with your problems alone. That’s one of the reasons your therapist is there. They want to support you. Especially if you’re trying to disclose your mental health issues to your friends or family, don’t be afraid to seek help for your mental health if you need it. You can try a company like BetterHelp, which is available through the app store here:  If you’re nervous about trying online therapy, check out the reviews from people who have tried it. Maybe you can refer some friends to it. Mental health is crucial to maintain, and online therapy is the perfect place to make that happen.


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