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How To Choose The Right Gift For Someone Who Loves Chess

June 06, 2022

For some people, deciding on the perfect birthday present can be a difficult task. That becomes even more difficult if the person is someone who likes chess. This is because chess lovers are always sophisticated people with a keen sense of detail. To that end, we have compiled a list of budget-friendly birthday gift ideas for anyone who likes chess!

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Check what they already have

Buying a gift for someone who already has it is a real gift failure that you certainly don’t want to happen to you. In that sense, make sure you try to learn more about the things your friend already has. For instance, you can tell them you are fascinated by their zeal for chess and thus inquire about what they have so far collected. Once you hear the things they have, you should write them down on a piece of paper shortly after. Once you have the list, you can cross out those things from the options. 

Find out what they would like to have

You can bring up the topic of things you would like to have and thus lead your friend to tell you what they would like to have. For instance, you can start the topic by saying that you are a great lover of, say, golf and that you would really like to have new golf clubs, etc. Afterward, you can let your friend say what they would like to have, and thus try to get some useful information you can later use and thus get them the best gift they so much longed for!

Other options

If, however, you don’t have an opportunity to talk to your friend in detail about what they would like to have, there are many other options. For instance, you can check out some great chess stuff that continues to fascinate every chess player. Getting your friends one of these exceptional chess accessories will certainly surprise them. On top of that, they can get a lot of use from them.

To that end, there are items such as chess clocks, chess figures, chess books or notebooks, chess decorations, personalized chess boards, and much more!

Chess clock

A modern chess clock is required for a true chess player. It is an essential piece of equipment for all chess players, whether beginners or experts. If you decide to offer one of these gadgets, such as a digital chess clock to a chess lover you know, make sure it's a compact, light, and dependable device with numerous capabilities that can help your buddy enhance his or her chess skills. Your friend will use it a lot, and it will be a good reminder of you!

Chess membership

According to chess lovers, players, and experts, there are great chess apps currently available on mobile phones. They draw millions of chess players from all over the world, let users quickly locate opponents at their level, have a tactics trainer, and allow users to read chess articles, view instructional videos, and much more. Because the free version of the program has restricted features, you may purchase a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond pro membership for your chess-playing buddy. It would make an excellent chess player's present, which he or she would like and find really handy! You might create a free account for them and even enroll them in a few of the free courses featured in the marketplace. They will certainly like it and learn many new things about chess! On top of that, they will have an opportunity to play a chess game with some of the best chess players in the world and thus learn a lot. 

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Chess book

A player must understand everything there is to know about chess tactics, strategies, openings, and principles in order to properly master the game. As a result, a fantastic book that teaches your favorite chess enthusiast all there is to know about the game would be a fantastic educational present for chess fans and players - one that your buddy will undoubtedly enjoy.

Chess T-shirt

You can surprise your friend by ordering a T-shirt with a personalized logo. For instance, it can be a motivational chess motto, a chess figure, or a picture of chess. In any case, it will definitely be one of your friend’s favorite T-shirts! 

Buying a gift for someone is indeed a great thing. It is not only the value of that material thing but also the care and attention that you devote to your friend that matters. This way, you will let your friend know how much you care about them and that it is important to you what they like and what makes them happy. You will embolden your friendship and become even better friends in this sense. Therefore, make sure you get your friend the best gift and make them happy again!

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