Business Cards that make a killer impression

October 12, 2016

Natural marble business cards! Pretty wild right?!

You must be thinking this is crazy! The first thought people usually have when they think of these marble business cards is that it must be heavy, fragile, and impractical. 

Then again, many people thought couch surfing was a terrible business idea, since it was a thing hipsters did.  And now we have Airbnb.

In reality, a thought and seeing something is much different.  Seeing is believing right? These marble business cards are actually quite sleek and compact. Thickness is about the same as your credit card.  So yes, little heavier than your paper business cards and closer to the credit card weight. 

Fragility? The back of the business card has a beautiful gold aluminum plate for extra reinforcement.  

The question why marble business cards is almost the same as asking why do YOU want to standout in a business environment? 

I'm sure many of you have been to a networking event, business function, or client meeting and came home with something like the photo below.

Sure, some people organize it beautifully in a folder.  But how many of those cards do you actually revisit?  Where do you think your card ends up with that big business prospect?

Wouldn't it be worth it to seem crazy and pass out genuine Italian marble business cards, and be remembered?

MIKOL offers 20 cards for $125.00, which comes out to be $6.25 per card and $950 for 200 cards, which comes out to be only $4.75 per card.

These cards do appear expensive when compared to ordinary paper business cards. But what we forget is the purpose of the business card.  It's not just to pass along contact information.  Your business prospect must remember you, and remember how to sort through the thousands of other business cards he/she receives to locate you.

Think of it like this, which one is more memorable to you when calling a customer.

"Hi Mr. Smith, this is James, the guy who bought you a cup of coffee"


"Hi Mr. Smith, this is James, the guy with the marble business card"

If you were the customer, which one is easier to remember?

For those of you having doubts on spending $125 for 20 cards, MIKOL is currently offering a promotional deal where you will receive 1 customized business card for FREE! All you need to do is pay for shipping.

Hope this provides a new perspective.

For more information, you can visit the official site MIKOL

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