Soap & Water Is Your Best Friend

You really want to avoid bleach or anything acidic that may taint your beautiful granite, marble, limestone, travertine countertop. Simply mix antibacterial soap with some warm water and wipe down your stone surface.  One, these should wipe away any microbes on the surface and have your first layer of disinfecting. Secondly, it ensures there aren't any hard particles on the surface that could scratch up the stone.  Once you are finished, ring out your towel and wipe it down so it is dry. 

Then you can use another cleaning agent to ensure the virus is killed.  But you need to make sure you choose a cleaner that is safe for your stone.  Anything acidic, bleach, vinegar will damage your stone. I can't emphasize this enough.  Those ingredients will not only diminish the shine of your natural stone but could even leave streak marks that are unpleasant. 

Clorox cleaning

The above image of disinfectants are terrific for killing the virus, but some of the items will harm your stone table.

Look for non-bleach items such as these ones:

Lysol sprayLysol disinfectant

There may be certain areas of the stone that makes it more challenging to clean.  That is when you can use those disinfecting sprays to reach those corners, pits or edges that you can't reach by hand.  

marble table


To minimize the risk of COVID-19 on your surface, make sure you are diligent in washing your hands, and consistent in cleaning these natural stone surfaces that are frequently touched.  Whether it is the interior or exterior area of your natural stone decor, it is always a good idea to maintain cleanly habits.  And be sure to follow health experts such as the Central for disease and control for guidance on how to stay safe and prevent further spread during this COVID-19 pandemic. However, if you have any questions in terms of natural stone maintenance and cleaning, our team consistently shares tips on MIKOL. Or feel free to email anytime. 

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I hope you find this useful, and please stay safe out there.