The Story of Mikol

June 13, 2016

Founder's Story:

The founder and creative director of MIKOL is a born and raised San Francisco native. The place where technology companies such as Apple, Google, Uber, Airbnb, and several other tech giants have built their success.  All of these innovative companies has attracted an insane amount of talent from around the world.  And indirectly has built a culture/society of people thinking outside the box, innovating and striving to build the best product, service, and so on.


 Aside from hugely successful tech companies like Apple and Google, San Francisco is also very famous for it's architectural industry.  The city has one of the highest concentration of architecture firms in the United States.  And as you can see from the picture above, it's also a lovely built city.

Why I bring up this interesting fact of San Francisco is because our founder started his career in real estate and construction supply for nearly 10 years before entering into the fashion realm.  

Early on, he was already trying to break the norm and creating a space for himself.  Unfortunately, the marble and granite industry is a very traditional mindset sector.  The products and ideas were well accept with the interior designers and architects.  However, it didn't work well on the business end since the clientele were wholesale distributors or owners of renovation.  They wanted to be "safe" or had a certain budget in mind that didn't allow for change.  

Growing frustrated of the current situation, that's when our founder saw a light in the fashion world where forward thinking, unique designs and quality products were highly appreciated. And this was the birth of MIKOL luxury marble fashion goods. 


Early on we had one focus in mind, which was to express the beauty and elegance of natural marble in our products and let nature be the ultimate designer.  Since our products were so unique and different, we knew it was not fit for everyone.  Our intentions were very straightforward in attracting like minded people that had an appreciation for quality well designed, handcrafted marble goods.  

The importance of our product is not only in the design and using natural marble, but the story of each item, whether it's the marble iphone 6 case, notebook journal, necklaces, tie clip, cufflinks, and so on.  

The sourcing of the material from all over the world to find the most attractive stone pattern and areas with rich culture and history such as the white marble from Carrara, Italy  or our most popular nero marquina from Spain which have been used for centuries by Kings, Emperors, presidents and so on.

Hope we can continue making this story grow together!

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