13 Simple Habits that make you more likeable

December 23, 2015

So being cute, attractive, charming and intelligent definitely helps being more likeable, but definitely not the most important features.  


1.  Appearance

Yes, it does matter, but not in a superficial way.  Be clean, well groomed, easy on the eye as our first impression of people is alway appearance.   And most of us make the initial judgement based on how others appear since communication comes second.  Being hygienic, well groomed also helps with personal confidence that can't be felt by others.  You often hear "it's the way he/she carries herself".  The outside appearance of yourself affects the psychology of your brain which shows emotionally on your face through micro-expressions that others are able to pick up on.


2.  Smile

Most likeable people are happy, energetic and therefore always have a nice smile on them. People generally feed off each other's "energy".  When we see someone happy and smiling, it's hard to be that angry or sad person and ruin another person's smile.  We may initially go with it and overtime we slowly are infected by this "happiness"


3.  Focus 

With smartphones around these days, everyone is on their iphones. We all know to put our iphone or ipad away, but when that text comes in, it's so hard to fight it.  Likeable people respect the time spent with others and focus, pay attention to the physical company.  Put your iphones away!! Immerse yourself into the conversation and not be interrupted by your friend asking you what are you doing.


4. Ask questions

Often times, we are too busy and eager to talk about ourselves or what we are interested, we forget what others want.  Ask lots of questions!  People love to talk and talk about themselves! The more you ask the more they talk, the faster time flies for them!  

5. Being Genuine

We all dislike fake people very much and it's very easy to spot someone feigning their interest.  Likeable people are confident.  They can tell you what they like and what they don't, if they agree with you or not.  You become more interesting by having an opinion, rather pretend to follow the other person's interest.

6.  Be Open Minded

Be open to other's opinion and thoughts.  No one likes to be around someone who has pre-determined judgements already.  Listen, analyze and provide your opinion if you disagree.  Don't disagree for the sake of disagreeing.

7. Don't Try Too Hard

People are very averse to those that are desperate for attention.  Don't seem desperate, don't try too hard.  Be natural, go with the flow, just be friendly and slowly others will be drawn to you. And be humble! 

8. Be consistent

You don't have to be an open book, but be a person others can rely on.

9.  Remember someone's name

We all love hearing our own names for some reason.  Not only remember the person's name, but greet them with their name.  

10.  Body Language

As mentioned earlier, be confident and expressive.  But also be polite, don't turn your body away from someone when you are speaking with them.  In sales, we always talk about the mirroring effect.  People want to feel connect, similarities, so positioning your body similar to the other person subconsciously creates a bond.

11.  Know when to open up

Don't be too closed off. Find the right time to open up with another and share something intimate.  We all want to feel trustworthy and by sharing something important, you are conveying that you can trust this other person.  This also shows you are genuine.

12.  The art of touching

This is a very fine line and be careful not to overdo this part.  If you touch another person too much, it will make them very uncomfortable.  If you are able to build up enough rapport, there is that fine moment to simple pat the other person on the shoulder, shake his hand, give them a hug.  When you connect with someone during a conversation, they release a chemical neurotransmitter in their brain called oxytocin that associates them with trust and other positive feelings.  Again, done improperly can have a negative effect.

13.  Balance

Above all, likeable people know how to balance everything we spoke about and incorporate fun, passion and work together effortlessly.  It's not they are more capable, they just know how to present themselves which in the end makes them happier people as well.


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