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8 Meaningful Gifts for the Man in Your Life

June 28, 2022

Are you having a hard time coming up with a gift for your special guy? Unlike with women, it’s not as easy to find gifts perfectly catered to men. And don’t even think about getting one of those boring old mugs that say “Best Dad” or “Best Hubby.” It’s not very useful, and you probably already have tons of mugs at home anyway. 

Read on below for a couple of meaningful yet practical suggestions you can consider. Whether for an anniversary, a birthday, Father’s Day, or for no reason other than getting him something special, any of these eight gift ideas will work perfectly.

1. Accessories for His Smartphone

If your man is tech savvy, they probably can’t get enough of the latest accessories for phones. There are tons of great gift options you can consider under this category.

Get a pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones for your audiophile man. If he’s a health junkie, splurge on a Fitbit or Apple Watch so he can track his data easily. For the game lover, try looking into controllers that can be attached to phones for more convenient gameplay.

Wireless charging has also become popular in recent years, and there are gorgeous charging docks that would look great on any man’s desk. Power banks or battery cases are also a practical gift, especially if he’s always on the go. Phone mounts and car chargers are also a good combination for his daily drive to work. 

However, you may have to do some research before you buy. Make sure the accessory is compatible with his particular phone model to avoid the hassle of returning a product.

2. A Personalized Wine Gift Basket

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A glass of fine wine is quite possibly the best way to unwind after a long, stressful day. In moderation, they are even beneficial for your health, thanks to their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. For those who prefer spirits over wine, you might want to check out a website with Tito's gift set for a smooth and enjoyable option to relax with after a busy day.

Why not put together a gift basket of quality wines and other fancy treats for your man’s special day? BroBasket allows you to select not just the wines but also other liquor and items like mixers, chocolate, cigars, and glassware. You can even customize the container and add a gift card with your personal message.

These gift baskets would be the perfect addition to a luxurious homemade steak dinner with your man. They also work great for last-minute gift shopping, as you can get them overnight if placed before a specific time. Craft beer baskets are also available if your man is more of a beer connoisseur. 

3. A Coupon for a Day of Pampering

Who said spa day is only for the ladies? Book him a day dedicated solely for pampering at his favorite spa or barber shop. Include a haircut and a nice shave, some nail care or a facial, and top it off with a full body massage.

Massages may seem like indulgences, but they have excellent physical and mental benefits. Other than relaxation, they can relieve constipation and even ease some symptoms of depression. Ask the spa you’re booking at if they also offer essential oils for their massage, as aromatherapy can add extra health benefits. You can also book a couple’s massage to enjoy the day together. 

4. High-Quality Sleepwear

Fancy suits and stylish casual wear are great gift ideas for men. But you might risk getting him the wrong size, especially if he won’t be able to try them on. Sleepwear is one part of their wardrobe that might be easier to get. Sizing is more simple when it comes to things like pajamas or boxers. Plus, wearing the right clothing for bedtime can make a positive impact on the quality of your sleep.

For those stuffy summer nights, pick a lightweight, breathable material like cotton. Meanwhile, flannel holds more heat, making it perfect for winter sleepwear. Lots of department store brands also sell thermal wear that effectively keeps you warm. If you’re feeling romantic, a set of silk couple pajamas is another excellent option so that you can match even in bed.

5. An Insulated Water Bottle

Okay, so think of these as the better “Best Dad” mug alternative. Vacuum flasks are much more practical. They can keep your man’s coffee steaming hot for several hours, or he can always have ice cold drinks ready during his morning run. 

Look for spill-proof products from trusted brands, and ensure they are free from BPA. This gift idea might be on the pricier side, but they’re a great investment as they usually last for years and also come with long warranties. Recently, a popular trend is personalizing water bottles with stickers and acrylic paint. If you have kids, get them to decorate dad’s water bottle to make it totally one of a kind.

6. Protective Equipment for DIY Projects

Many men are big DIY fans. They love to tinker around the house and do their own repairs, renovations, and improvements. It’s a great hobby that can help ease the family’s budget. For the hardworking man of the house, why not get him some high-quality protective equipment he can use during his DIY projects? Some useful items are safety goggles, gloves, steel-toed shoes, or work boots. 

But if he already has all these, there are some less common equipment that can make his work safer and easier. Heavy-duty welding curtains can protect him from dangerous UV light when doing welding work. You can also combine it with a welding umbrella that can shield him against sunlight or rain when he’s working outdoors.

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7. Airsoft Guns and Accessories

If he isn’t already into it, get your man hooked on airsoft. This high adrenaline team game is not just loads of fun but also a great form of exercise and a cool way to meet new people. You can start with some basic pistols and rifles. There are even airsoft machine guns and grenade launchers for the more advanced player! Other than guns, accessories like helmets, vests, and goggles can make for practical gifts.

On top of getting him these gifts, you can also set up an airsoft game with his close friends and family who also play it. That way, everyone, especially your man, can have a memorable time on his special day.

8. Shaving Essentials

Shaving is an everyday chore for practically every man. And since it’s done so frequently, their shaving tools can quickly get worn out, especially if they’re not the quality kind. Old razors also pose more risk for nicks and potential infections, so it’s best to swap them out regularly. 

Lots of wonderful shaving kits are available on the market. Most of them already cover the entire shaving regimen, from facial wash to shaving cream to replacement razors  and aftershave. Some even come in fancy vintage-inspired containers to make your guy feel like a true gentleman. For a nice touch, find an aftershave in his favorite scent, so he’ll love using it every day.

So which of the gift ideas above sound perfect for the man of the house? Whatever you choose, don’t forget to wrap it up nicely and add a sweet handwritten message for your man. But more than the gift, what he will treasure most is being able to celebrate the special event with you.


Guest Post By:  David Kennedy

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