7 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones That Are Under $100

7 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones That Are Under $100

October 14, 2019

Christmas gift

The holiday season is approaching rapidly, and it is about time to start shopping for gifts. Buying a gift can sometimes be really hard. You need to consider a lot of things. You need to know the likes and dislikes of the person you are buying for. You need to figure out if the gift will be useful for your friend or not, and you also need to consider your budget.

 So, if you have to do a secret Santa at work and the price range is set below a hundred dollars or you have to buy a lot of gifts for many people, and you are trying to follow a budget, here is a list of some amazing, useful and budget-friendly gifts that you can get for less than a hundred bucks. Check this list out for inspiration if you are having difficulty getting a gift for a loved one or a friend. 

Bluetooth headphones

Ncredible Audio

Bluetooth headphones are a very useful and fun gift. The great thing about them is that they are available in a lot of different price ranges and styles, so it is easy to find one that is according to your preferences. You can get some decent wireless headphones under fifty dollars, but you can also get some really good ones for close to a hundred dollars such as the Ncredible headphones in the above photo for $69.99. This is a great gift fit for the friend who is into music. They are also great for working out because they don't have any dangling wires that could get in your way. These days Bluetooth headphones have a lot of amazing options and you can by a unique and amazing set of headphones as a gift for almost anyone in your life. 

Useful appliances

Getting some practical and useful appliances as a gift for your friends or family members is a very old tradition. This is an easy gift to buy, and you have a lot of options as well. For a person who likes to cook, you can get a pizza stone. You can also get a robot vacuum for your friends. A robot vacuum won't cost more than a hundred dollars, and it can be very useful for your friends. For a friend who has a great car and likes to take care of it, you can buy a variable speed polisher. Check out porter cable 7424xp polishers if you want to get one. These speed polishers aren't only for cars either, they can also be used to do various cleaning jobs around the house, a speed polisher can make a wooden floor look new, and it can really help in bringing the shine to old furniture. Or even as simple as a wireless charging pad to place through the rooms as function and decor.

Concert or sports game tickets


If you want to buy a fun and exciting gift for a loved one, then you can get those tickets to a concert or a sports game. If your friend is a fan of sports, then they will love to get a chance to watch their favorite teams live. Now we know you can't get the tickets for some of the big games for under a hundred dollars, but for most games, the back seats are usually less than a hundred bucks. This is a great and super fun gift that your friends or loved ones will love. If the person you are getting a gift for inter into sports that much, you can also buy tickets to a local concert. You can also get your friend tickets to a viewing of your favorite new film at the cinema. 

A personalized mug

If you want a gift that is a bit more personal and has more meaning, you can have a personalized item made for them. You can get a lot of amazing custom items made for a lot less than a hundred dollars. You can give your loved ones a personalized mug as a gift. If the person you are buying a gift for is a fan of cooking, then you can get a personalized cooking board or a personalized apron for them. You can also buy other custom items like notebooks and keychains for your friend.

An elegant and sentimental photo album

photo album

If you want to add a personal touch to your gift, then you can go for a sentimental photo album. This gift won't cost you a lot but it will have tremendous value for your friends or loved ones, what you have to do is get an elegant photo album, and put some of the most memorable photos you have with your friends or loved ones in it. This whole gift will hardly cost you a hundred dollars and it will definitely put a smile on your friend's face. 

A fitness tracker

fitness tracker

If your friend is a fan of personal fitness, then a fitness tracker is the best gift for them. These amazing devices can really help in optimizing your workouts. They can tell you your heart rate, stress levels, and how many calories you have burnt. A fitness tracker can give you a lot of information that will allow you to plan your diet and workout perfectly. You can also connect these fitness trackers to your phone and get notifications from your phone when you are working out. A fitness tracker is a perfect gift for a person who likes to work out and stay fit, and you can get some amazing fitness trackers for less than a hundred dollars. 

Some merchandise from your friend's favorite movies or TV shows

Another amazing gift that you can get for less than a hundred dollars is some merchandise. You should know what the person you are buying the gift for likes, and you can buy some merchandise accordingly. You can buy your friend a t-shirt from their favorite movie or TV show, or you can also get some other sports merchandise from your friend's favorite sports team. You can get a baseball cap or a signed poster that you think that your friend might appreciate.   


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