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5 Ways to Make Calling Customer Service More Peaceful

June 17, 2022

Calling customer service can be a daunting, difficult process. Whether you have an issue with a product you bought or just a simple question, it can always be hard to get exactly what you need out of the interaction. 

That said, knowing what to expect can make your interactions smooth, pleasant, and successful. Here are some of the things you need to know about calling customer service.

1. Know What You Want

When you know what you need from a customer service agent, you can make your life easier and theirs. Before calling, try to know exactly why you’re calling and have easy access to all products and service numbers that are relevant to your account. 

Practices like this can save you time and stress on a customer service call. Most customer service centers will have call monitoring for quality assurance, so people on the other side are prepared to give you what you need with as much efficiency as possible. 

2. Listen and Take Notes


Going through the automated menu can feel like a hassle, but it really is there to save you time. Instead of asking for a representative right away, see if the menu can link you to a specific department that will answer your questions first. 

It’s usually more challenging (and frustrating) to retell your problem to multiple people, especially between several calls, so remember what they’ve said to you in the past. Bring up which solutions others have already tried to solve your problem. This can save you precious time and energy.

3. Be Calm and Courteous

The average store center agent gets paid $15 an hour. Unfortunately, even though they work for the company you have an issue with, they aren’t responsible for your problem. As a result, it’s better to try to get them on your side right from the beginning by being kind. 

Getting yelled at by frustrated customers is an unfortunate part of the call service agent’s job, and it can be demoralizing. Sympathizing can make the job of a call service agent much easier on them.

Courtesy Tips

  • If they give you their name, use it. This creates a stronger interpersonal relationship between you and the agent, making them more likely to try to fight to solve your problem rather than feeling helpless against it.
  • When they’re helping you, try not to interrupt and listen to what they want to say. You might miss vital information by talking over an employee.
  • Say please and thank you when you make your requests. 

4. Set Aside Time

phone call

Although you want your customer service call to be a quick, two-minute interaction that fixes things for you automatically, more often than not, these things take more time.

You’ll be able to communicate more calmly and effectively if you’re not rushed when you make your call. 

This also means choosing the right location for your interaction- don’t call while driving in stressful traffic or when surrounded by noise. Choose a calm, quiet space to have your talk with customer service agents.

5. Know When To Escalate

This typically happens after multiple rounds of difficulty with one customer service agent. Sometimes, going to management means they can act with fewer restrictions than your average call service agent, so consider skipping straight to them if you know your problem can’t be solved otherwise.  

You can save time for yourself and the employee by escalating to a higher employee if you know that your issue is one they can’t solve.

Final Thoughts

Calling customer service can be difficult, but doing your part on the call can make the process easier. Try doing these things the next time you call customer service for better results. That is also why at MIKOL, we have a chat box on our website that you can easily reach us at or any of our social media platforms.  And if all else fails, email is very effective as well!

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