5 ways to make a killer First Impression in Business

August 15, 2016

5 ways to make a killer First Impression in Business

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We all know more or less how to dress to make that first impression.
But we do live in a world now with plenty of options that it becomes more and more difficult to standout.
There are so many different brands offering designer suits, ties, shoes, watches, coats, bags, briefcases to even hiring talent!
So being punctual, proper attire, good warm smile and confidence is the very minimum and basic of making an impression. People tend to judge others within minutes of meeting someone.  A study has shown that first impressions are made in the first 10 seconds of meeting someone. That impression does not typically change once ingrained in one's mind.
So what do you do?
1.  Appearance:
As mentioned previously, this is the basics of making a good impression. Be on time showing that you are reliable.  Make sure you are dressed appropriate for the occasion and accessorize properly with jewelry, watches, shoes, makeup and so on. Then make sure you bring out a positive warm energy when meeting someone for the first time.
For businessmen especially, watches say a lot about the person.  For women, purses and large earrings or jewelry can also indicate a lot to a new person they are meeting. 
2.  Be Interesting:
Make sure you carry yourself with confidence, but not cockiness. (Unless you are the type that can play it off) Have conversations that relate to the topic and the person you are meeting.  Keep in mind, people love to talk about themselves even if they say they don't, because it's the one subject we know best!  Don't be obvious, but ask proper questions and be interested about the other person so they can be part of a conversation. The more they talk, the more they will think they are having a good time.
3.  Relate:
Best way to bond and have someone like you is finding common grounds. People in their 30's and 40's love talking about their children.  If you're not at that state yet or beyond, then find other areas, such as sports, clubs, health trends, hobbies, or even troubles! The careful part is not to seem fake but rather truly find something that relates. People are very sensitive to those that are not genuine, especially business people. Be authentic in finding that commonality.
4.  Mystery:
What's the fun if you spill all the beans the first time you meet someone.  Keep a little mystery, be a little vague in some of the things you do to make the other person wonder what else is there to you. Qualify them, but don't be too obvious you are trying to make them work to get on your side.
5. More Props!
I saved the best for last! There are so many smart gadgets and innovative products on the market these days. Find something that really stands out and catches the other person's attention.
Before having a nice watch or an expensive Mont Blanc pen was subtle, yet noticeable enough for the other person to grab their attention and wonder of your status. Nowadays, these items have become so common that it feels almost required to have.
What has worked really well for us and our customers are the Real Marble Business cards we hand out. Handing one card out maybe a few dollars, but that impression goes much further and longer than a $60.00 lunch that your customer may just forget about after a week.
Or sending them a marble notebook journal as a gift with personalized engraving. You can be assured that your customer won't be tossing your gift to the side.  As a matter of fact, he will remember you every time he comes across specialty products like these and will also tell his friends about you, which may turn into a new lead.
In the end, it's all about providing a positive experience when first meeting someone but also make sure it's memorable! If your great impression is easily forgotten, then you've still lost half the battle. Find areas, stories, or products as we mentioned to help you stand out from this busy crowd.
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