Do you like Alexander Wang Marble Fashion Trends?

June 10, 2015



The famous installation at alexander wang’s soho flagship store features five marble surfboards
all images courtesy haydenshapes

Usually people's first thought of marble is a nice bathroom, a kitchen bench or maybe just a table. Rarely does one ever associate it with fashion, right? That is all changing at the moment as the our appetite for beautiful options increase!

Many people's favorite fashion designer Alexander Wang has joined in as creative director of French fashion house Balenciaga creating a printed marble fashion clothing in December 2012.

Then in autumn/winter 2013 Balenciaga presentation, he focused heavily on marble print. It was everywhere - from pants, to dresses, to tops and, of course, even the runway itself was marble. Good attention to details, don't you think?

As this luxury appeal picks up as it did in architecture, the fashion industry will soon be enriched with beautiful marble designs.  MIKOL is paving the way for these designers with future possibilities of integrating our 100% natural thin marble into varies fashion items.  Most benefiting users to enjoy the beauty of marble and also able of enjoying the authenticity of it rather than just a print at the moment.  

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