5 Must-Haves to Look Best On Your Wedding Day A Guys Guide

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When it comes to wedding day preps, the pressure usually falls on the bride – choosing the perfect gown and ensuring the bridal party is happy is a significant challenge on its own.

So it might be a good idea for the grooms to pick up some slack and ensure that things progress smoothly on their end as well. Perhaps that’s why grooms spend 54% of their planning time working on wedding chores, as quoted by beaucoup.

Grooms are usually very well stocked on moisturizers and hair products – many even spend hours styling their hair and beards to perfection. However, many other men believe that a shower and a shave can get them through what is probably the biggest event of their lives.

We don’t mind a man in love, either way.

But there are a few necessities every man should have by his side on his big day. After all, every groom wants to look and feel his best, whether bearded or clean-shaven, with long hair or short!

It’s going to be crazy whirlwind up until the day you say your ‘ dos’, so it’s vital to prepare well and ensure your complete comfort and care, so your big day isn’t spent stressing about the small things.

To help the guys prep for the wedding, we offer this quick list of 5 must-haves they need to make sure that their day goes off without a hitch.

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1. Deodorant and Mouth Freshener

Weddings are stressful even when you are in love, and they can make even the toughest of guys break out in nervous sweat. And it’s only natural to go for a pre-ceremony glass of whisk to calm down your nerves.

But the trouble is that you’ll also want your bride to be nice and close by your side at all times. So make this as comfortable as possible for her by smelling good at all times.

Don’t forget to wear a fragrance that day and keep a deodorant handy in case you want to touch up before heading to the altar. Just make sure that it’s a light, refreshing smell, so your guests don’t get stuck thinking about what that smell is as you stand there waiting for your bride.

Also, since it’ll be an emotionally-charged atmosphere and you’ll already have had a whiskey or two, the chances are that your breath won’t be the freshest either. Keep some gum or mints in your pocket, and chew on them before you head up to the altar.

In fact, ask your best man to keep a spare toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss on hand just in case you’d want to freshen up after dinner for the first dance. Your new wife will thank you!

2. Wardrobe Fixers

You got yourself an expensive designer tuxedo for the big day, but even that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have a lost button or fallen hem to deal with on your big day.

So pack a small sewing kit so you or your best man can quickly stop any wardrobe malfunction from ruining your day. The package should include the usual necessities – needles, extra buttons, thread, safety pins, and of course, hem tape.

Also, white lint can look painfully bad on black clothing, so make sure you also have a handy lint roller to keep that tuxedo looking crisp and clean.

3. Wipes Of All Kinds

Sometimes a tissue can’t get the job done. That’s when you need wet wipes to help quickly clean your hands, getting marks out of things, and lots more.

For starters, keep stain remover wipes handy. This is especially helpful if you or your friends can’t go through a formal dinner or cocktail hour without spilling food on yourself.

Also, use the wipes to clean up scuffed shoes or touch up your loafers, so your wedding photos end up perfect.

You’ll also need oil-blotting wipes for the face so you can wipe away excess oil and sweat before the ceremony.

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4. Comfy underwear

As the groom, your job is to look good and feel your best not only on the wedding day but the night, as well.

Don’t worry, buying new undies can be fun and shouldn’t take you too long to find something you like.

You can even do it online, look at all the styles and colors available with online shops like bn3th. It is essential to select the right fit and style for your undies because you don’t want to fidget or feel uncomfortable as you stand at the other end of the aisle, or dance away at the wedding reception with your bride.

Remember, nice underwear is a good investment, and it will last a lifetime when chosen right. However, quality begets price so expect to pay top dollar for your wedding underwear and make sure that you buy at least two months before the wedding day.


5. Cash

Sure, you’ve paid in advance for the catering and décor, but there will be several occasions where you’ll be expected to tip the vendors for services provided.

For example, you’ll have to sufficiently tip the DJ, waiters, limo drivers, bartender anyone else who did their job nicely to ensure that your wedding day is a spectacular success.

Tipping is just good manners in that case. Carry a minimalist wallet and keep some cash on you at all times on the big day.


In conclusion

And there you have it – 5 must-haves for the groom and his party on the wedding day.

It may seem like a lot, but there is no need to worry and carry everything on your person. You can also ask your groomsmen to take charge of the must-haves and deliver them to you as and when you ask them to. You are the groom; you deserve all the pampering on your big day, just like the bride.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a little over-prepared for your big day.

Have a beautiful wedding, and make sure that you enjoy every minute of it!

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