2018 Men's Fashion Trends

2018 Men's Fashion Trends

March 13, 2018 1 Comment

2018 is a very exciting year for male fashion accessories! The top design houses of the world are all competing for the fashion-forward male. Despite male accessories sales skyrocketing over recent years, there are still many men who do not feel comfortable wearing jewelry and other fashion embellishments. It is for this very reason that more effort is being made not only in the production of more man-friendly items but to market them in a more masculine way as well.

 It's also why minimalistic pieces have been more popular recently.

While certain trends make a gradual appearance, others seem to appear out of nowhere, such as was the case with marble. Once used only in kitchens and bathrooms, marble has since wormed its way into your lives in the form of sculptures, real marble playing cards, and sought-after fashion accessories. Incorporated into the biggest fashion trends of the year, the marble look is definitely here to stay. 

Top accessories of 2018



 Men's Bracelets

If you have avoided wearing bracelets before, now is the time to start!  Men’s bracelets have been skyrocketing in popularity with the trend expected to continue well in 2018. Whether you are a suit-and-tie man or prefer a more casual look, there is a bracelet out there with your name on it.  A bracelet should never be the focal point of your outfit. With this, in mind, you can choose the perfect accompaniment to your favorite outfit. For a formal look, opt for a sleek, luxurious design that boasts metallic details. A beaded marble bracelet with a metal clasp is the epitome of timeless elegance and will be a worthy accessory for any designer suit.  Wooden beads, plaited leather, and macramé bracelets all go very well with a more casual look. 

Phone cases

Marble iPhone X Case

While many fashion Nazis may dispute whether a cell phone case is a legitimate fashion accessory or not, there is no denying that luxurious phone covers are becoming a sought-after commodity. Marble cases are once again dominating the high-end phone case market, offering a fresh and modern look in an array of colors and patterns. As far as jewel tones are concerned, rose gold is surprisingly popular amongst men and who can blame them? Everyone deserves a bit of sparkle and shine in their lives.



A good wrist-watch is a must-have accessory for every man.  A lot can be said about a man just by looking at his watch.  Whether you are a big-boned man wanting to make a bold statement or an individual with small hands looking for an elegant accessory, you are bound to find one, or a couple, that will suit your every need.  Fashion forecasts for 2018 indicate that skeleton watches will continue to grow in popularity while marble and bamboo timepieces continue to be popular choices as well.


Other accessories


Apart from those mentioned above, other popular men’s fashion accessories include bow ties cuff links, lapel pins, sunglasses, tie clips and belt buckles. All these can be used to add extra swag to your suit-and-tie combo, especially if you opt for interesting colors, patterns, and textures. Marble once against features among the most popular choices with knitted fabrics and bold, plain colors also proving their worth both on the runways and streets of the world.


With the range of fashion accessories available it has never been easier to look good.  By combining top fashion tips with your own creative ingenuity, you will be able to create a look that is not only timeless and fashion-forward but truly reflective of your personality as well.


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Jennifer H.Westfall
Jennifer H.Westfall

April 29, 2019

Nice men’s fashion trends here ,I really enjoyed exploring your site and another post of Celebrity Jackets.

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