Stylish living room design: tips and tricks

Stylish living room design: tips and tricks

March 21, 2019

Stylish living room design: tips and tricks 

by Sarah Jessica Smith 

The living room has always been the center of anybody's home. It deserves its name for sure, as it's the place where we spend most of our lives when we're not at work or outside. It's the room where the family gathers, relaxes and have fun. It is also the room where we entertain our guests, too. So, it's safe to say that it's usually the room to which we pay most attention to when it comes to decoration and renovation. Create your own stylish and unique living room by following these tips:

1. A focal point to attract and amaze

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You need a spot in your living room where most guests will look at the moment they walk into the room. It needs to be different than other areas of the room, with eye-catching features or items. It's possible you already have a focal point in the room - it can be a fireplace or mantle. In case you don't, create it yourself. You can use an oversized mirror, a large and appealing painting or even a piano. Once you have the focal point, it will be easier to decorate the rest of the room around it, according to its vibe, colors, and style. That way, everything will contribute to the impression of a cohesive, comfortable space.

2. Color palette as the mood enhancer

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You probably already know how different colors affect our mood in different ways, so be very careful when it comes to the choice of colors. You can choose to go all monochromatic or opt for three colors max. In case you want only two colors to be dominant in the room, think of complementary colors combination. Whichever combination you choose, the goal is the same - to produce a seamless effect of colors that give out the vibe you want and create the mood you're aiming at. When you move on to choosing the furniture and decorative items, always keep in mind the color palette you opted for.

3. The walls and ceilings - create an astonishing frame


Living room walls and ceiling get a lot of attention for a good reason - they represent the frames that form the most important room in a home. Therefore, you should spend some quality time planning their decoration. The thing with them is that they sometimes need significant renovation. However, it doesn't have to be a nuisance - as it's stated by Precision Planning company, decoration professionals aim to turn your renovation vision into reality as quickly as possible. There are many professionals out there who can help you to achieve your go in having a great home.

So, you can let your imagination go wild when it comes to wall coverings and treatments. The point is to express your personality and style of the room here. The great thing about walls is that there are so many materials and options to be used here. You can choose to go chic through wallpapers that are now popular more than ever. You can achieve elegant, ever-lasting modern look through marble or granite tiles used to form any shape you want on the wall. Just make sure you avoid usual mistakes when cleaning marble. In short, take your time and explore your options with the walls - you can follow current trends or you can opt for a classic look.

4. Perfect ambiance with the help of the lighting

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Choosing the right lighting can be quite a challenge. However, the hard work will definitely pay off. The best is to go with different sources of lighting, meaning you should include overhead lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. That way, you will have all the aspects covered - lighting up the whole room, reading a book in the corner, having a romantic evening, highlighting beautiful items. The next step is to find the light sources that fit into the style of the room and even add to its aesthetics.

5. Paradise for your feet


Floor covering can be a statement on is own. make sure your choice is also comfortable for your feet, as you need to be completely relaxed in your living room. You can get a wall-to-wall carpet in a vibrant color or a neutral hardwood floor that gives out warmth and comfort. You can also consider more unexpected options, like stone tiles or ceramic tiles that create an interesting effect.

Final words

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Creating a perfect, stylish living room that reflects your personality and can also amaze your visitors will probably take some time. Decorating it to fit your vision completely is an adventure that you should enjoy every step of the way. Pay attention to every detail and don't rush the process. Only then will you eventually manage to get your dream living room.


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Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.

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