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Simple Tricks For Sustainable Apartment Living

August 19, 2022

Sustainable living means prioritizing and conserving natural resources, repurposing different items, and reducing waste. It is actually very doable, no matter the size of your home and whether you live in a studio or loft Miami apartments.

In addition, living in eco-friendlier ways during the frequent lockdowns will lessen waste and expenses. Start with these simple tricks for sustainable apartment living.

The Basics

These can be applied to all spaces in your apartment.

Let natural light in.

natural sunlight

Have a big window in your room? Maximize natural lighting! Open up your curtains or blinds. 

It’s great for the environment and for your health. How so? The process of generating electricity produces air pollution.

As a bonus, this will help you lower your utility costs.

Switch to energy-efficient bulbs.

Still using incandescent bulbs? Those are more expensive with almost no advantages over LED lighting. Go for the energy-efficient choice, which is LED.

Additionally, LED bulbs last longer. That will help reduce waste in your apartment.

Turn off or unplug devices.

First, check your mobile phone or your laptop. Those might be done charging, so go ahead and unplug them.

Next, Turn off the lights when you leave any room. Switch off appliances that are not in use.

Finally, when you are done for the day, turn off your WiFi router before heading to bed.

Buy second hand.

Need pieces of furniture? Try browsing for secondhand items. The furniture industry is one of the major sources of pollutants. Some manufacturers are also the cause of unsustainable forestry.

 Buying secondhand is not only a more sustainable option, but it is also more ethical. Moreover, it helps the local market.

Kitchen Tips

Planning to go food shopping? Go to bulk food stores and skip the food packaging. This saves you money and reduces waste at your home. Alternatively, visit your local farmer’s market and enjoy fresh ingredients.

Store food in reusable food containers and glass jars. It is easy to organize ingredients that way and will help reduce food waste too. As a bonus, you will have a lovely-looking pantry. 

When buying groceries, skip the plastic bags when you checkout. Use eco-bags instead, which are reusable and durable. They are also easy to clean and store.

 dining room

Lastly, the kitchen is home to assorted ingredients that you can use to make your own home cleaners. This way, you can skip harsh chemical cleaners.

Dining Room Tips

When ordering food delivery, skip the single-use cutlery and napkins. The key is to use what you have for sustainable apartment living.

 Use cloth napkins when cleaning up messes. You don’t need to buy a new set right away. Instead, get creative. Repurpose old cloth and turn them into towels or napkins.

If you really need to buy a new set of napkins, consider those that are made of organic cotton or linen. You can also make your own by going to your local bakery, buying their flour sack, and using your sewing skills. It’s great material!

Living Room Tips

The living room is where we usually place our entertainment appliances. For a more sustainable apartment living, set timers on your appliances such as your television, and enable power-saving mode. 

When you need furniture, buy second hand. If you need to invest in new ones, opt for those that are made from ethically-sourced natural materials. A few examples of these are bamboo and natural fabric. 

Alternatively, there are pieces of furniture that are made from recycled items such as plastic bottles and cardboard, or repurposed items such as reclaimed wood.

Bedroom Tips

Reduce air-conditioning or heating in the bedroom. At times, we end up putting system settings on too high or too low. This can cause machines to run inefficiently and use more power.


You can also opt for simple tricks such as using an extra blanket when it feels too cold. Or, try opening your windows or using your fan to cool the room.


Similar to the living room, there are a number of sustainable furniture options that you can have in your bedroom. You can find great quality up-cycled beds online. Pair those with beddings made from organic or natural fiber.

Bathroom Tips

The first trick is to check your bathroom for any leaks and make sure to get them repaired. It might not seem like a big deal, but that leaky faucets contribute to gallons of water wasted every year.


Next, consider getting environmentally-friendly shower-heads. These are very efficient in conserving water, and you get to lower your water utility bills. If you are not ready to invest yet, another option is to reduce your shower time.


Since the bathroom has one of the most products in the apartment, consider swapping them for eco-friendly ones. Check LastObject's alternatives to single-use items. For instance, they have reusable cotton swabs that can replace 1000 disposable swabs. These are effective for cleaning or even, retouching your make-up.


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