Smooth Ideas to Boost the Look of Your Interior Design

Smooth Ideas to Boost the Look of Your Interior Design

January 13, 2020

While a majority of homeowners think that updating their home means making big investments, boosting the look of your house doesn’t have to involve any large-scale home improvement projects. Quite the opposite, minor upgrades go a long way in transforming your living space, and sometimes, all it takes is a few changes here and there to boost the look of your home. With that in mind, we’re listing our top six effortless tweaks you can make around the house and make it go from drab to fab in a snap. Scroll down to get inspired!

Change out the old and dated lighting fixtures

 Lighting system

How illuminated our living space plays a vital role in how we perceive our living space, and dark, poorly lit spaces certainly don’t look appealing. A simple yet effective decorating tool, lighting has the ability to completely transform the interior, and when placed strategically, it can showcase the beauty of your home by illuminating and highlighting all the different ornaments and artwork displayed. In order to bring life into a dull, plain room, add a couple of different sources of light, and layer them to achieve the desired effect.

Since our styles evolve and change throughout the years, it’d be best if you’d introduce lighting fixtures that are in line with the current design style of your home. If you're not sure what the current trends are with lighting it may be worth talking to a lighting specialist like Connect Electric so they can point you in the right direction. By swapping your old and dated lighting fixtures, your living space will seem more cohesive and will look fresh and rejuvenated without you breaking the bank.

Include decor with luxurious-looking patterns

Another decor element you can use to make your space look more balanced and cohesive is the use of certain patterns in your living space. If you notice that you are drawn to one pattern in particular, try to introduce it into different areas of your home. Marble pattern continues to be one of the trendiest patterns among homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. Chic and sophisticated, marble comes in a variety of forms and incorporating it into your living space is a great way to add a touch of luxury and create an aura of sophistication. Because it’s so effective and eye-catching, it’s best to introduce it in small doses throughout your living space. Incorporate this stylish pattern into your home through decorative touches and accents – stationery, trays, and wall art will help you get the luxurious look without any huge investment while also giving a subtle nod to the marble trend.

Swap your hardware for something fresh and modern

door handles

You might think that in order to freshen up your living space, you’ll need to update your home from top to bottom, but that is not necessarily true. Beauty lies in the details, and sometimes, even the smallest of changes go a long way in transforming your living space. Swapping out your hardware is one way of rejuvenating your living space that won’t set you back a lot, but will still have an immense impact on how sophisticated and glamorous your whole space looks. Up the glam factor in your home with a set of luxury door handles and give your doors a fresh new look. Pay attention to the style of your home so you get the matching hardware and create a sense of cohesiveness in your living space. Take it a step further and replace the kitchen cabinet hardware as well – introduce new pulls and knobs to give your kitchen the face-lift it needed in the single most affordable way.

Use wallpapers to give your walls an instant update

wall art

A versatile decorating tool, wallpapers are perfect for transforming spaces without going over the top or breaking the bank. They are easy to install, rather inexpensive, and can make all the difference when used strategically. Make the simple entrance more inviting by opting for wallpapers with patterns on them to change the mood in your home or renew it in a simple, yet effective way. Add tasteful wallpaper to your dining room to make it more inviting and comfortable, and go with a wallpaper that makes a statement in the living room. Instead of papering the entire room, it’d be better to with half-wall application to add a subtle accent to your space or use wallpaper to create an accent wall and make a powerful impression.

Paint the ceiling to make it pop

colorful pop

Another inexpensive upgrade you can make to rejuvenate your interiors may come as something unexpected but according to many professional interior designers it’s sure to give a boost to the overall appeal of your room. Although they’re often an overlooked design element that is painted in a neutral shade by default, ceilings offer a decorating opportunity that can completely transform the look and feel of your living space. Make a stunning statement by painting your ceiling in unexpected hues such as black or navy, or go with a faux stone paint treatment to add an elegant touch to your living space and enhance the architectural interest of your ceiling. You could also add patterns to your ceilings by adding wallpaper, stenciling the pattern on, or getting a professional to create the pattern by hand.

Add artwork to spruce up your interior

Accessories and home decor tell a story about the people who live there, what their personality is like and what their values are. The artwork is one of the things that add character to the home and when woven into the overall design, it can have an immense impact on the entire appeal of the living space. Go with art that speaks to you and that matches the overall style of your interiors. You can choose bigger, oversized pieces or you can go with smaller groupings of photographs and art – either of the options will make a major design impact, acting as the perfect finishing touch in a room. Of course, the artwork you choose to hang on your walls doesn’t have to cost too much – just make sure to frame it nicely so it blends in nicely with the entire design concept of your living space.

These are some of the most effective tweaks you can make to boost the appeal of your home. Whether you decide to incorporate one, two, or all of the six ideas suggested above, you’re sure to make an instant update that won’t go unnoticed. Use our tips as a guide for your micro makeover and design a space that is a reflection of your personality as well as good taste.

Guest Post by Chloe Taylor


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