Real Marble Geometric Art Piece

Our design is largely based on the natural color and characteristics of the marble feature. 
No two art works will ever be fully the same since we are dealing with 100% natural marble. As marble in art has often be regarded in the form of sculptures, our wall art has transformed the heavy, solid portrayal into light, movable art works that garnishes a room.
We offer a custom marble option for our VIP members who want to send us a color they like or work with our design team in finding the perfect color/fit.

Type: Art

 Instagram Fun



To be unique, which is why we chose natural marble as our signature.  To guarantee no two products are the same.

 Product Detail

Natural Marble


Waterjet to Precision

Actual product may vary due to natural characteristics


Regular: 11.7 x  16.5" x 0.75"

           Large:  17.7" x 23.6" x 0.75"            

                 Weight Roughly: 11 lb.               


This product is a natural material, therefore it will have variations in color and veining.  But this is also why it is so unique!

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