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8 Easy DIY Home Projects

May 01, 2019

We all want the best for our homes. After all, it's where your whole family creates memories together, and where you can find comfort and peace from life outside the four corners of your home. Every once in a while, an interior idea pops into mind to bring more life to our abodes and turn it as our dream spaces.

Not to mention those fixer-upper shows that inspire you to get moving and bring new interior changes to your home!

Decorating can be expensive, but thanks to the concept of DIY, you don't need to break the piggy bank to spruce up your home. With a little handicraft and creativity skills, you can achieve the look and vibes you want for your home. We've gathered these 8 easy DIY home projects for your home project inspiration:

Living Room

DIY Wooden Couch Sleeve

Inspiration from Ugly Duckling House

These wooden couch sleeves are the perfect substitute for end tables if you don't have space left. They're also not fixed, so whenever you're not going to use them, you can easily slide them off and set aside.


  1. Measure the width of your couch's arms first. Then, measure how long you'll want the couch sleeve to be.
  2. Get your measuring tape and mark the wood according to the measurements from Step #1. Cut the wood until the preferred size is achieved.  Note: It's ideal to allow at least one extra inch on your measurements to make sure the couch sleeves fit perfectly on your couch without hassle.
  3. Glue the sides and clamp them together to secure the bottom pieces.
  4. Stain and poly away!
  5. (Optional) You can also use some pin nails for extra security.

DIY Round Hairpin Leg Coffee Table

Inspiration from Delia Creates

This DIY coffee table project won't need many materials, and it's easy to make. But don't let the simplicity fool you. This coffee table would surely add a homey vibe to your living room!

Coffee Table


  1. Stain the table top according to the color you want. Let it dry completely.
  2. Sand the table top first, then apply the clear coat next.
  3. Once your table top is completely dry and ready, turn it upside down and start measuring a square for the hairpin legs. Ideally, the top corners are 4-5 inches away from the edge. Mark the holes with pencils for easier reference later.
  4. Screw the legs on the underside of the table. Place a split ring locking washer to each hole of the hairpin legs and screw tightly for extra security and durability.


DIY Kitchenware Pegboard

Inspiration from Tasty

Got plenty of kitchenware but don't want to install those bulky cabinets for storage? Try installing this kitchen tool pegboard instead!

Kitchenware Pegboard


  1. Place the pegboard in a wide, unoccupied wall, and mark the top and bottom holes at both ends and the middle part. Once marked, put the pegboard aside.
  2. Drill the marked places by 1/4 inch, then insert wall anchors on the holes and hammer them.
  3. Grab your pegboard and insert the screws on the top and bottom holes you've marked in the first step. Insert 8 washers for every screw.
  4. Drill the screw until tightly secured in the wall anchor.
  5. Insert pegboard hooks and start hanging your kitchen tools!

DIY Pullover Pantry

Inspiration from Tasty

No space left in your pantry shelves for some of your pantry items? Try this genius DIY pullover pantry! No more hassle with the puzzle of what fits where.

Pullover Pantry


  1. Measure area between fridge and the wall, then measure the boards with this dimension.
  2. Start placing the racks depending on your preferred distance. Once you've placed the racks, drill holes on the sides and secure with screws
  3. Drill holes on the corners of your top boards, then place and hammer the screws.
  4. Place your pegboard at the back of the cabinet and screw the corners.
  5. On the bottom part, place four trolley wheels on all corners and drill holes for the screw.
  6. Measure your dowels on the racks of your pullover pantry, and cut the excess parts. Then, put wood glue on both ends and place them per rack.
  7. Sand your makeshift pantry and paint
  8. Place the handle on one side of the shelf, then start placing your pantry stock.


DIY Hanging Closet

Inspiration from Shutterfly

Lessen the space your closet takes with a DIY hanging closet. You can easily see how many items of clothing you have, even plan out what you'll wear for the day while lying on bed. It's also a plus point for interior design too.


Hanging Closet


  1. Determine how long you'll want your closet to hang (do you want it low or hanging a little high?). Mark the points where you'll want the hooks to be.
  2. Cut the rope/twine according to the length you want. Be sure to allow extra inches for tying the branch and onto the hooks.
  3. Paint the branch to match the color of your walls. If you want to retain its wooden color, skip this part.
  4. Go back to your marks and install the hooks on your wall.
  5. Tie up the other ends of the ropes to the branch, then the other ends to the hook.

You can also pin some thumb tacks or push pins for your jewelry and other accessories!

DIY Guitar Shelf

Don't throw that broken or out-of-tune guitar yet! The body of the guitar could be a great makeshift shelf for your or your kid/s' small bedroom items.

Guitar Shelf



  1. Remove the strings by turning the tuning keys loose, then pluck the prongs out.
  2. Clamp the guitar first into a wall to keep it from moving while defacing the guitar. Then, use a hand saw to create a cut on the side of the guitar. Cut on the bottom part of the top black paint on the side.
  3. Use chisel or a screwdriver to pry the face once you've cut enough room with the hand saw.
  4. Start measuring where you'd like to place your shelves and the depth of the guitar. Cut the wood according to these dimensions.
  5. Place the boards inside the guitar with wood glue. Once dry, drill holes in the side for the screws.
  6. Sand the guitar to smoothen the surface, then paint with whatever color you prefer.
  7. Drill your guitar shelf on the wall, or hang it with a guitar hanger.


DIY Window Medicine/Toiletry Cabinet

Inspiration from Craftsman Drive

If you have a window pane on your storage, probably after a renovation was done at your home, you can repurpose that extra window as a medicine/toiletry cabinet for your bathroom.

Medicine Cabinet


  1. Measure all sides of your window, and mark measurements in your boards according to the length and width you prefer from the window pane.
  2. Once your boards are all cut up according to your preferred sizes, you can place and nail them in the frame of the window. Clamp all boards together to secure them.
  3. Install boards between the frame boards for the racks. The distance of each rack depends on the height of the items you'll place in the cabinet.
  4. Place ¼-inch- Veneered thick MDF on the back of the cabinet.
  5. Assemble the hinges between the window and the board frame.
  6. Drill a hole large enough for the knob on the muntin.
  7. Add the last touch of aesthetics with a combination of "rustic" paint and stain.


DIY Bench

Inspiration from Buzzfeed Nifty

Have that quaint, quiet spot on your backyard for admiring your garden or getting some fresh air with this cheap DIY bench!



  1. Remove the "seat" part of both chairs. Then, grab your wooden planks and measure and mark the length for cutting.
  2. Saw the front part of the chairs, but don't throw them yet! You'll use it as a support for your bench later. Remove the remaining parts of the chair until the back part of the seat is the only left
  3. Mark the areas where the support piece will be attached, then attach the piece by drilling screws.
  4. Place the boards on the bottom and the part where the seats used to be and secure with screws. Once done, turn the almost-done bench on its side and assemble the back support of the bench.
  5. Sand the whole bench, then paint with the color of your choice

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