How To Choose The Best Healing Crystal Jewelry

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Implementing healing crystals in your life is a great idea. People all over the world claim amazing benefits and encourage other people to use them. Crystals gained popularity amongst users not only for their beauty but for their reported healing properties.

From a raw stone to a beautiful necklace, that is how versatile healing crystals are nowadays. You can enjoy the benefits of crystal healing, at any time, wherever you go.

Starting your path into a more conscious and relaxed lifestyle can be easy when you follow a few simple steps. For this reason, in this article, we will explain which crystals can help you for a variety of different reasons.


Why Should You Give Healing Crystals A Try


Healing crystals are powerful tools. They heal our energy from blockages by raising and renewing our vibrations. Their molecular composition interacts with our vibrational frequency, and our body's energy starts flowing smoothly, helping us feel better.


Don’t believe it? Just give it a try. While the efficacy of crystals have been widely debated, there’s a growing community of millions of people all over the world reporting real benefits.


People claim significant changes in their health after using crystals consciously.  A lot of people report crystals providing them with increased mental, as well as less stress.

Stress is well known as the cause of most illnesses, and is called "the silent killer" for a reason.


Implementing good practices like aromatherapy, healing crystals and other alternative therapies can be a good solution for many. Healing crystals work wisely by channelizing your energy to heal from the inside. 


How To Find The Healing Crystal That Works For You


There are many ways you can identify the right crystal. Intuition is one of them. As simple as picking the crystal you feel a connection with. However, people who are seeking a healing crystal may want a specific solution to a specific problem. 

Amethyst stone 

  1. Crystals That Can Help You Mentally


Many situations in life will require you to have a sharp mind to make the right decision. Using  crystals-like Amethyst, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, Aventurine, and Labradorite can help you by giving you mental clarity.


Next we have crystals for moments where you feel you need the energy to accomplish or finish something in your day to day. Tiger's eyes, Lolite, Opal, and Sunstone can help you get that motivation needed.


For stressful moments at home, work, or any point in your life, you can try Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Celestite, and Topaz which can help your energy to calm down and clear your head.


Creativity can be improved by wearing or holding crystals like Citrine, Carnelian, Fluorite and Jasper.


  1. Crystals That Can Help You Physically


Just to think that we can improve our physical health by wearing consciously a piece of healing crystal jewelry is a blessing. These 5 special crystals can help you improve your immune system. The powerful purple amethyst, bloodstone, celestite, and fluorite, are amazing crystals you can start wearing to give your immune system a boost wherever you go.


Fertility problems are an obstacle for some couples. Couples try the following healing crystal jewelry when they are looking to grow their families. Moonstone is recommended for hormonal balancing and fertility in general. Red carnelian is related to the female reproductive system and sexuality.


It can help to level your reproductive health and enhance libido and the sexual energy between couples. Rose quartz is a precious pale pink stone with great properties. Lots of people around the world consider this crystal as their favorite for love and fertility. It can help you heal from emotional wounds, protect women in their pregnancy, and childbirth.


The powerful Rose Quartz is said to aid sexual dysfunction and reproductive system health.

Digestive problems are common nowadays. Sunstone, Chrysocolla, Labradorite, and Agate can improve your digestion.


  1. Crystals That Can Help You Emotionally


Having a very agitated lifestyle is not something new or rare. Most people have stressful jobs or they cannot cope with the number of responsibilities on their shoulders. Luckily, we can help ourselves emotionally with crystal jewelry.

Here is a list of positive crystals that can help you with anxiety, emotional balance, clarity, and negative energies.


Rose quartz is one of those crystals with calming properties and it can turn into your ally when fighting anxiety. Tourmaline and Black tourmaline are also powerful emotional crystals. These two can smooth your thoughts and ease your mind.


It’s commonly said that blue stones heal your energy. In moments when worries are not letting you sleep, you can try Kyanite. This beautiful blue stone can help you calm down and improve your energy for good.


Emotional balance is key when you want to improve your relationships. Amazonite crystal jewelry is powerful for its emotional healing abilities. You can also try Amethyst and Jade. These two help you stabilize your aura, very important for well-balanced relationships.


There are moments in life when we need to choose what we want, need, and have to do to change. There is when you need clarity. The healing crystals that will help you in this path are Clear quartz, Selenite, Fluorite, Labradorite, Jade, and Amazonite.


Negative energies don't only come from negative people. They also come from negative environments and negative self-talk. Amethyst once more is the recommendation.


The purple ally is a powerful emotional protector from bad energies. It also helps enhance your intuition, self-esteem, and courage. Black tourmaline is one of the best negativity blockers. It will protect you from bad energies around you. This intense black stone transforms those bad vibes into positive energy. Definitely, one of the crystals you should use if you feel you need to protect your energy from negativity.


Wearing healing crystal jewelry can be simple, helpful, and stylish. You can implement these beautiful stones in your day by day looks. Go to work wearing a beautiful Amethyst necklace. Or stay at home with a black tourmaline bracelet to keep up with the energy your kids require.


Their multiple colors and forms make crystal jewelry a great fashion item that can help improve your lifestyle by boosting and cleansing your energy. 

 As said before crystal jewelry comes in multiple styles. You can wear them as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and even hair accessories. However, you can also use them as raw stones or beautifully polished ones. Like this, they can be placed on your night table, work desk, or your purse. Also, in strategic points of your home to clean the energy.


How To Properly Clear Your Healing Crystal Jewelry


People underestimate the importance of clearing their crystals in general, not only crystal jewelry. The truth is crystals are constantly exposed to different kinds of energies. After you purchase the crystals and when they have been used for healing sessions is when you should clear them. Also, after experiencing heavy emotions or arguments. Or just for maintenance.


There are many ways to clear them. One of the easiest is smudging.  You can try cedarwood, sweetgrass, sandalwood, or sage. Burning these types of herbs is an ancient cleansing method. People burn them to clean spaces from negative energies. 

Like when you had a home visitor with bad vibes. There is when you can burn some sage for example. Passing your crystals through one of these herb's smoke can clear them. Give it a try. 

That just sums up how to choose the right crystal jewelry and the various different crystals you can use for difference purposes. I hope you enjoyed the article and have fun choosing your jewelry.


Guest post by: Kimmy Schmit

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