Facts About Cognitive Therapy To Be Aware Of

February 03, 2021

When you are thinking about taking advantage of therapy for your mental health, there are many techniques and options that a professional therapist may recommend. For example, depending on your symptoms, there are a number of ways that a doctor will use to treat depression. One popular type of therapy utilized for depression is cognitive therapy.

What Is Cognitive Therapy?


When you hear the term cognitive therapy, this refers to a type of therapy that is used to treat certain mental disorders. You may also hear it referred to as CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy. It works by addressing thoughts and moods and attempting to change them. When you work with a therapist, they may be able to help you change how you think and act in certain situations. Here are some facts about this type of therapy that you may be interested in.

  • This therapy was developed in the 1960s. A psychiatrist name Aaron Beck tested a way to help people think differently. His aim was to change the patient’s thoughts that they normally internalize without thinking about it.


  • Cognitive therapy is effective in person or online. The principles that are addressed during therapy are able to be utilized whether you are meeting with a therapist in person or if you opted for an online therapy resource. Either way, it may be able to make a difference for your mental health.


  • Many therapists use this type of therapy. This is a therapy that is quite popular. There are likely many psychiatrists in your area who will be able to utilize this therapy if you need it.


  • It can be used for numerous mental health issues. This therapy can be beneficial for people that experience a number of mood disorders including, depression, PTSD, OCD, and anxiety.


  • There are many books and articles on the subject. There is a wealth of information about this type of therapy, which you can look into if you want to. You may want to look at books on it or complete an internet search to find out additional details.


  • May require homework. There may be times throughout your treatment where you are asked to do assignments at home. It is important to follow through with these, so you have the best chance at making a change.


  • It is considered a short-term therapy solution. In many cases, cognitive therapy is only utilized for 20 sessions or less. This is something to consider if you want to talk to your psychotherapist about this type of therapy.

What To Expect


When you are utilizing cognitive therapy, there a couple of things you can expect as you go through your treatment. One is that after a few sessions, you may see some of your symptoms lessen or disappear. If you use a journal to check your symptoms, you may be able to detect a difference through the process of cognitive therapy.

Another thing to expect is that your therapist can choose to use this treatment with or without the use of prescriptions. This is a subject you should discuss with your doctor, and you can decide together whether medicines are something that you would like to try. Keep in mind that with all types of prescription pills, there is a chance that you will see side effects. This is something else that you may want to record in a journal, so you will be able to note differences as they come up.

Overall, taking advantage of cognitive therapy can be a positive thing for your mental health. Be sure to listen to your therapist and put an adequate amount of time and energy into it, and you should have the best chance to see results.



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